Xiaomi Unveils Global Theme Contest to Empower Designers

Xiaomi Unveils Global Theme Contest to Empower Designers

Xiaomi, the renowned global consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company, has officially kicked off its 2023 Xiaomi International Theme Competition, marking the second edition of the event.

The competition, organized by Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB), adopts the theme “Global Expressions, Local Inspirations,” with the primary goal of attracting designers from Xiaomi’s diverse markets. The aim is to create themes that incorporate local designs and motifs, appealing to Xiaomi users worldwide.

Focusing on localization as a core principle in their global expansion, IIB emphasizes connecting with users on a deeper level. The International Theme Competition serves as a pivotal branding campaign for Xiaomi’s international internet business, reaffirming their dedication to delivering a personalized and enjoyable MIUI experience for all users. Chan Liu, General Manager of the International Internet Business Dept., Xiaomi, expressed the significance of this commitment.

Recognizing designers as essential partners in content creation, Charlie Cheng, Head of Core Applications, International Internet Business Dept., Xiaomi, encouraged more designers and Xiaomi fans to participate in the competition. Xiaomi has streamlined the design process by introducing user-friendly design tools, making it accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their professional experience.

To highlight the exceptional talents behind Xiaomi’s popular Themes feature, IIB released a series of inspiring videos that celebrate the collaborative spirit of the Xiaomi Community. These videos showcase the journey of four Xiaomi Themes designers and their impactful contributions.

One of the featured designers is Manolo, an Italian freelancer whose black-and-white theme garnered over 20 million downloads. Matiba, a Colombian artist, brought her traditional culture to life by creating vibrant smartphone wallpapers for Barranquilla’s Carnival in collaboration with Xiaomi. Piyush, originally a Xiaomi Fan, turned his passion for creating remarkable themes in his free time into a career at Xiaomi’s India office. Additionally, Lu Zhiru, from one of Xiaomi’s corporate partners, shared her decade-long experience of working with the Xiaomi Themes team.

MIUI Theme is an integral part of Xiaomi’s success, allowing users to customize their devices according to their preferences. With thousands of new themes uploaded daily by professional designers and enthusiastic Xiaomi fans alike, MIUI users can effortlessly personalize their smartphones with stunning wallpapers, unique Lock screen images, customized icons, and more. The competition serves as a testament to Xiaomi’s commitment to empowering its users and fostering a thriving creative community around MIUI Themes.

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