YouTube issues lists of trending videos for Pakistan

YouTube issues lists of trending videos for Pakistan

KARACHI: YouTube has released the lists of the top trending videos, top music videos, top creators, breakout creators, and top shorts for Pakistan for the Year 2022, said a press release on Friday.

It is safe to say that Pakistani audiences enjoyed a wide range of content that kept them entertained throughout the year.

Farhan S. Qureshi, Country Director at Google, said: “YouTube has helped create an ecosystem in Pakistan that allows people to pursue their passions as full-time jobs while also enabling them to support their households financially.

“Pakistan has over 5,400 YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers, and over 350 of them have more than a million subscribers. It is also thrilling to see that the number of Pakistani YouTube channels making 1 million or more in revenue (PKR) has increased by more than 110 percent in a year.

“This year, we’ve had some amazing content creators who topped our lists in different categories and won over the hearts of average YouTube users with a wide range of content and creativity.”

In 2022, we saw a variety of videos that were the most popular in the country, dominated by the Pakistani drama and film industry. A Telefilm ‘RUPOSH’ on a young couple embarking on the journey of love and matrimony took the number one spot on the Top Trending Videos list followed by the first episode of the famous Pakistani dramas Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi’s and Sang-e-Mah’s. Here is the complete list of all the top trending videos.