Zenab Mansoor: Conquering Peaks, Inspiring Pakistani Women

Zenab Mansoor: Conquering Peaks, Inspiring Pakistani Women

Zenab Mansoor, the Pakistani woman climber based in the US, is determined to complete the Seven Summits mission, which involves conquering the highest peaks on each continent. Her recent successful ascent of Mount Everest has fueled her ambition to scale the remaining peaks.

Zenab aims to summit Aconcagua in South America and Carstenz Pyramid in Oceania/Australia by the end of this year or early 2024. As a pediatric ICU physician, Zenab moved to the US in 2008 to pursue her medical career and currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Zenab Mansoor expressed her excitement about her achievements so far, having climbed the highest peaks in five continents: Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Denali in North America, Vinson in Antarctica, and Everest in Asia.

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She shared that her childhood experiences in the northern areas of Pakistan inspired her love for climbing and dream of conquering high peaks. Her passion was reignited in 2013 when she learned about Samina Baig, the first Pakistani woman to summit Everest.

Zenab’s journey towards realizing her dream faced obstacles, including a family tragedy in 2016 when her younger brother died in a PIA plane crash near Abbottabad. To cope with her grief, she embarked on a trip to Tanzania and successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa.

This experience ignited her desire to climb higher and more challenging peaks. Zenab further developed her mountaineering skills by completing a mountaineering class and summiting Mount Baker and Mount Rainier in Washington.

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Setting her sights on the Seven Summits, Zenab made mountaineering not just a hobby but a lifestyle. She challenged herself on difficult routes in remote locations, including ice climbing in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, climbing Ojos del Salado in the Atacama desert in Chile, and rock climbing in the French Alps and other mountains in the US and South America.

Zenab emphasized that climbing mountains is not solely about reaching the summit but also about pushing one’s limits, overcoming obstacles, and relying on strength and determination.

Looking ahead, Zenab aims to continue pursuing her passion for mountaineering and inspire other Pakistani women to take up the sport. She believes that climbing should be more accessible and hopes to inspire and collaborate with aspiring female climbers from Pakistan.

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Zenab’s journey has been challenging but rewarding, providing her with unique experiences and teaching her valuable lessons about herself and others.

After successfully summiting Mount Everest, Zenab Mansoor plans to conquer Aconcagua in South America and Carstenz Pyramid in Oceania/Australia. Zenab’s passion for mountaineering was ignited by childhood experiences and inspired by Samina Baig’s achievement.

Overcoming personal challenges, she developed her skills and tackled challenging climbs worldwide. Zenab intends to inspire Pakistani women and make mountaineering more accessible in the future.

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