Zero Percent Markup Instalment Plan for Honda CB 150F

Zero Percent Markup Instalment Plan for Honda CB 150F

In an effort to enhance customer convenience, Atlas Honda launched an attractive instalment scheme for the highly anticipated Honda CB 150F motorcycle model.

Teaming up with Silk Bank, the company has unveiled an exclusive opportunity for motorbike aficionados to become proud owners of the latest Honda CB 150F variant without incurring any additional markup charges.

Enthusiasts now have the chance to cruise on the Honda CB 150F by selecting a user-friendly instalment plan that comes with a remarkable zero percent markup rate.

This exceptional proposition empowers buyers to distribute their payments across a span of 12 months, rendering the motorcycle’s ownership more accessible and economically viable than ever before.

This distinctive instalment arrangement remains a privilege for holders of Silk Bank credit cards, presenting a truly advantageous proposition for the esteemed clientele of the bank.

With the ex-factory price of the Honda CB 150F established at Rs 493,900 for color variants of red/black and red, and Rs 497,900 for the blue/grey options, Atlas Honda’s initiative is strategically designed to furnish a seamless and cost-effective pathway for motorcycle enthusiasts to embrace this iconic model.

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