Zong 4G and MEPCO Forge Strategic Partnership

Zong 4G and MEPCO Forge Strategic Partnership

Islamabad, May 15, 2024 – Zong 4G, Pakistan’s premier telecom operator, has joined forces with Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) to elevate business communication services and address the telecommunications needs of one of Pakistan’s largest power distribution entities.

MEPCO, renowned as the leading power distribution entity in Pakistan, extends its services across 13 administrative districts within the southern region of Punjab province. With a vast infrastructure and a customer base of approximately thirty-four million residents, MEPCO plays a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the region, harnessing hydro-electric power for electricity generation.

The collaboration between Zong 4G and MEPCO signifies a concerted effort to enhance telecom services and cater to the evolving communication requirements of MEPCO’s operations. By leveraging Zong 4G’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive business solutions, MEPCO aims to streamline its communication infrastructure and bolster operational efficiency.

The partnership materialized following MEPCO’s issuance of a tender soliciting proposals for its telecom requirements, with Zong emerging as the successful bidder. The formalization of the partnership took place at a signing ceremony held at MEPCO Headquarters, presided over by Zong 4G’s Regional Director of Corporate Sales, Farhan Zakir.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, a spokesperson for Zong 4G emphasized the significance of this strategic partnership in the company’s journey. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Zong 4G, reaffirming our position as a leading telecom operator dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our corporate clientele,” the spokesperson stated.

Furthermore, the partnership underscores Zong 4G’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative services and reliable support to its corporate partners. By leveraging its advanced technology and expertise in the telecommunications sector, Zong 4G aims to facilitate MEPCO in achieving operational excellence and meeting the evolving demands of its stakeholders.

As Pakistan’s business landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this between Zong 4G and MEPCO serve as a testament to the importance of collaboration in driving technological innovation and enhancing operational efficiency across industries. Through synergistic efforts, both entities are poised to redefine business communication standards and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and development.