Saudi Arabia signs agreements for $20bn investment in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Sunday said that his country signed investment agreements worth $20 billion in Pakistan. Read more »

Income Tax Ordinance 2001: Commissioner IR empowered to make assessment for non-compliant taxpayers

KARACHI: Commissioners of Inland Revenue have been empowered to make ‘best judgement assessment’ for taxpayers, who fail to file annual returns, for making payment of due taxes. Read more »

Carrying above $10,000 without source to be dealt under anti-money laundering laws

KARACHI: The government has prescribed a limit of foreign currency amounting above $10,000 or equivalent within Pakistan. A person carry foreign currency above this limit without explaining source may be dealt under... Read more »

Maximum Rs3,000 allowed to take out from Pakistan to India

KARACHI: A person is allowed to take out Pakistani currency a maximum amount of Rs3,000 for traveling to India. Read more »

Green channel passengers asked to cooperate with customs on examination selection

KARACHI: Passengers on arrival from abroad at any airport passing through green channel have been asked to cooperate with customs authorities for examination in case randomly or parametric selection. Read more »