Agha Steel enlisted as supplier for military projects

KARACHI: Agha Steel Industries on Tuesday announced that Military Engineering Services (MES) of the Pakistan Army has enlisted the company as manufacturer-cum-supplier.

In a communication sent to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company informed that Military Engineering Services (MES) of Pakistan Army had enlisted Agha Steel Industries Limited as the manufacturer cum supplier of deformed steel bars for its projects.

The Engineer-in-Chief’s branch has already issued the company a provisional certificate of enlistment/registration.

“It is a major milestone for us,” Hussain Agha, the young chief executive officer (CEO) of Agha Steel said in a statement.

“We are grateful to the MES for enlisting us as a manufacturer-cum-supplier of quality steel products. God willing our company will come up to their expectations of the military, meet its requirements and help it build Pakistan.”

MES is an inter services organization responsible for designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, road, airfields, bridges, electricity, water supply, sewerage, Sui gas, drainage, furniture and stores services for Army, Navy, Air Force and DP Division.

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