Apple unveils iOS 17 making iPhone even better

Apple unveils iOS 17 making iPhone even better

Apple unveils iOS 17, an update that takes your iPhone experience to new heights. With significant enhancements across communication apps, a revolutionary charging experience called StandBy, seamless sharing with AirDrop, and smarter typing, iOS 17 is here to elevate your daily interactions. Best of all, this update is available today, and it’s completely free!

Revamped Incoming Calls

The Phone app receives a substantial overhaul, making important calls stand out like never before. With Personalized Contact Posters, you can now customize how your contacts appear when they call you, even in third-party calling apps. Express yourself with stunning treatments for photos, Memoji, and captivating typography.

Live Voicemail takes voicemail to the next level by providing real-time transcription, allowing you to pick up the call while the caller leaves a message, all handled privately by the Neural Engine. Unknown callers are efficiently directed to Live Voicemail, while spam calls are swiftly declined.

Enhanced FaceTime Experience

FaceTime introduces exciting new features, such as the ability to leave video or audio messages when your contacts are unavailable. Express yourself during calls with Reactions, featuring playful animations like hearts, balloons, fireworks, and laser beams, which also work with supported third-party video conferencing apps.

Apple TV 4K integration now allows you to enjoy FaceTime calls on the big screen, thanks to Continuity Camera. With Center Stage, the camera follows your movements to keep you perfectly framed.

Elevated Messaging

Messages gets even more user-friendly and fun. Powerful search filters make finding messages a breeze, while audio messages are automatically transcribed for instant reading. Replying inline is as simple as a swipe, and an expandable menu grants easy access to all iMessage apps.

Get creative with the all-new stickers experience, including the ability to create Live Stickers from your photos, adding fun effects to bring them to life. The Check-In feature ensures your loved ones know when you’ve reached your destination safely, sharing location, battery status, and more in a secure manner.

StandBy: A Game-Changer While Charging

Introducing StandBy, a full-screen, glanceable experience designed for when your iPhone is charging on its side. Perfect for your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter, it can display a range of clock styles, photos, or widgets, including Smart Stacks that surface the right widgets at the right time. StandBy also showcases Live Activities, Siri results, incoming calls, and larger notifications. With Always-On display and Night Mode, it adapts to your lighting conditions.

Simplified Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

AirDrop streamlines sharing with NameDrop, allowing you to exchange contact information effortlessly and share content with a simple gesture. Soon, AirDrop will enable internet-based transfers when you step out of range.

Comprehensive Autocorrect and Dictation Updates

Autocorrect gets a boost with a new transformer language model, providing improved word prediction and sentence-level corrections. Dictation’s speech recognition is now more accurate, making typing a breeze.

Journal: Reflect on Life’s Moments

Journal, a new app, assists you in reflecting on daily moments and special events. Personalized suggestions are curated from your recent activity, and scheduled notifications help you build a journaling habit. It prioritizes your privacy with on-device processing and end-to-end encryption. Developers can integrate journaling suggestions through the Journaling Suggestions API.

Additional iOS 17 Highlights

Profiles in Safari keep your browsing separate for work and personal use.

Share passwords securely with trusted contacts via iCloud Keychain.

The Health app offers new mental health features, including mood tracking and resources.

Apple Music gains SharePlay support in the car and other enhancements.

AirPlay now learns your preferences and supports hotel TVs.

AirPods receive powerful new features for a better audio experience.

The Home app offers more activity history and features for Matter-compatible locks.

Maps introduces offline maps and supports electric vehicle drivers.

iOS 17: Elevate Your iPhone Experience

iOS 17 is available today as a free software update for iPhone Xs and later models. Tap to unlock will become available for Matter-compatible locks later this year, and Grid Forecast will be available in the contiguous United States.

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