Customs to auction NDP vehicles on June 8, 2022

Customs to auction NDP vehicles on June 8, 2022

KARACHI: The Collectorate of Customs, Hyderabad has announced an auction of a huge lot of confiscated non duty paid (NDP) motor vehicles, which will be held on June 08, 2022.

The collectorate will auction the following non duty paid motor vehicles:

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01. Toyota Hiace Van bearing registration number JF-6435, chassis No. RZH183-0002755, HP-2440, Model 2003.

02. Toyota Mark – X car, registration No. AAP-240, Chassis No. GRX121-1002004, HP-3000CC, Model 2004.

03. Toyota Axio Car, Registration No. AAJ-661, Chassis No. ZRE142-6007091, HP-1800CC, Model-2007.

04. Toyota Vitz Car, Registration No. ARF-723, Chassis No. JTGKW123203005557, HP-1300CC, Model 2004.

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05. Toyota Corolla XLI Car, Chassis No. NZE120-6023637, 1300CC manual transmission Model 2005 (but physical alter engine automatic 1800CC) with fake registration No. AVP-916 (accidental).

06. Passo Car, Registration No. AVW-243, Chassis No. KGC10-0040164, HP-1000CC, Model 2004.

07. Passo Car, Registration No. AWX-953, Chassis No. KGC10-0092870, HP-1000CC, Model 2005.

08. Swift Car, without registration number, Chassis No. ZC11S-186500, HP 1300CC, Model 2007.

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09. Passo Car, Registration No. AXE-010, Chassis No. KGC15-0002296, HP 1000CC, Model 2004.

10. Passo Car, Registration No. AFY-971, Chassis No. KGC10-0287554, HP 1000CC, Model 2009.

11. Passo Car, Registration No. AYK-651, Chassis No. QNC10-0002982, HP-1300CC, Model 2004 (as per inventory).

12. Alto Car, Registration No. BQR-915, Chassis No. HA36V-119134, HP-650CC, Model 2016.

13. Aqua Car Registration No. BEF-672, Chassis No. NHP10-6082313, HP 1499CC, Model 2012.

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14. Alto Car, Registration No. BNQ-199, Chassis No. HA36V-113529, HP 660CC, Model 2015.

15. Swift Car, Registration No. AZK-119, Chassis No. ZC11S-183094, HP 1300CC, Model 2006.

16. Swift Car, Registration No. AAJ-026, Chassis No. ZC71S-403925, HP 1300CC, Model 2007.

17. 12 Wheeler Hino Dumber Truck with concealed tank, Registration No. TAC-496, Chassis No. JMEFY2PUKM-001111, HP395CC, Model 2000.

18. Suzuki Alto Car, Registration No. BSN-883, Chassis No. HA36S-246178, HP-660CC, Model 2015.

19. Passo Car, Registration No. AZA-018, Chassis No. QNC10-0015859, HP-1000CC, Model 2004.

20. Toyota Royal Crown Saloon Car, Registration No. BKT-817, Chassis No. GRS182-0009938, HP 2994CC, Model 2004.

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21. Suzuki Alto Car, Registration No. BNJ-621, Chassis No. HA36S-287848, HP-658CC, Model 2016.

22. Toyota Surf Jeep, Registration No. BG-1374, Chassis No. RZN185-9034469. HP 2700, Model 2000.

23. Suzuki Swift Car, Registration No. AWT-911, Chassis No. ZC71S-475538, HP 1300CC, Model 2011.

24. Toyota Mark-X Car, Registration No. AML-035, Chassis No. GRX121-1008255, HP 3000CC, Model 2006.