FBR Discloses Names of 3.91 Million Active Taxpayers

FBR Discloses Names of 3.91 Million Active Taxpayers

Karachi, April 8, 2024 – In a significant development, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has unveiled the names of 3.91 million active taxpayers, marking a substantial surge in tax compliance.

The latest Active Taxpayers List (ATL) for the tax year 2023, released on Monday, highlights the growing momentum towards broadening the tax base and strengthening fiscal governance in the country.

The updated ATL, based on income tax returns filed up to April 7, 2024, showcases a notable increase in tax compliance levels, with approximately 80,000 individuals joining the ranks of active taxpayers. This surge underscores the efficacy of the FBR’s concerted efforts to incentivize tax compliance and integrate more individuals into the formal tax framework.

One of the key initiatives facilitating this uptick in tax registration is the Tajir Dost Scheme, targeting shopkeepers and traders to register in the income tax system. Moreover, the FBR has been actively urging already registered taxpayers to file their returns promptly to avoid penalties and legal repercussions.

Since the release of the new ATL for tax year 2023 on March 1, 2024, around 560,000 individuals have been added to the list, reflecting a commendable stride towards bolstering tax compliance nationwide. This upward trend is instrumental in enhancing the tax-to-GDP ratio, a crucial indicator of fiscal health, and signals positive momentum towards sustainable economic growth.

Despite these advancements, challenges persist, particularly regarding the limited coverage of the current active taxpayer base compared to the country’s vast population of 240 million. Acknowledging this reality, the FBR remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding the tax net through targeted strategies, including awareness campaigns, simplified tax procedures, and enhanced digital infrastructure.

Inclusion in the ATL offers tangible benefits for taxpayers, including access to reduced tax rates on various financial transactions, thereby serving as a compelling incentive for compliance. However, the FBR acknowledges the presence of individuals with taxable income operating outside the formal tax domain, owing partly to the existence of unrecorded wealth.

To address this issue, the FBR continues to advocate for voluntary tax adherence and strives to foster a culture of tax compliance among citizens. By encouraging active participation in the tax system, the FBR aims not only to boost revenue collection but also to stimulate overall economic development and prosperity.

Looking ahead, the FBR emphasizes the need for sustained efforts and targeted interventions to further augment the active taxpayer base. By harnessing the collective commitment of taxpayers and leveraging innovative strategies, the FBR remains poised to drive meaningful progress towards a more robust and equitable tax ecosystem.

In conclusion, the disclosure of the latest ATL figures underscores the FBR’s unwavering determination to fortify fiscal governance and pave the way for a prosperous future characterized by enhanced tax compliance and economic stability.