Google Career Certificates to bring digital revolution in Pakistan

Google Career Certificates to bring digital revolution in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the launch of Google Career Certificates to bring digital revolution in Pakistan, according to a statement issued on Thursday.

Pakistan is in dire need to capacitate the youth to enable them to contribute in the development of country, especially those who cannot afford to attend the universities, the president said during his video keynote address in the launching ceremony of Google Career Certificates in Pakistan, being carried out jointly by Google, Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and Ignite.

Dr. Arif Alvi further said: “I am very pleased that google, IRM and Ignite are launching google career certificates in Pakistan. This program has ensured the women participation throughout the program. These courses will play an important part in creating a shift towards digitization and introduction of digital technology.”

He expressed hope that initiation of such projects will bring about the required digital revolution in Pakistan.

Dr. Arif Alvi stressed the youth to take benefit of these courses and enroll themselves in digital programs to increase their earnings as they are completely online and free.

During the ceremony, speakers from Google, Ministry of IT, Industry and Academia addressed the participants on the importance of the Google career certificates in Pakistan.

Dr. Roomi S. Hayat said that “he hopes that with the help of such programs, soon we would be a thriving country in the digital world.” CEO Ignite said, “Ignite has always contributed to the digital economy of Pakistan and through this certificates Ignite intends to further strengthen the digital economy.”

Participants were also given a detailed orientation session on how to enroll and join the Google Career Certificate program.