Industry perturbs over rampant street crime

Industry perturbs over rampant street crime

KARACHI: Business community is worried over rampant incidents of street crimes in the metropolis ahead of Eid holidays, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

The statement issued by Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association (PHMA) informing the Chief Minister of Sindh about the rampant incidents of car snatching and stealing valuables and expensive parts from a vehicle parked out on the side of a road and cash snatching withdrawal from banks.

Member industrialists have approached the Association conveying their genuine concerns sense of insecurity and said that it seems that police and other law enforcement agencies are busy in lockdown activities due to COVID19 and the general public are deprived of their valuables.

One incident has taken place at Jamia Masjid Faruq e Azam near Boat Basin where a person has parked the vehicle to offer Asr Namaz when arrived back mirror of the vehicle was broken and valuables were stolen by the thieves.

The whole theft was wrapped up in 2-3 minutes and even more perturbing is the fact that all this happened in broad daylight. 

No wonder, they don’t need the cover of darkness. The public is quite afraid and avoids going for even Namaz in the masjid when they are commuting on their vehicles due to increased incidents of stealing and snatching.

“We have also enquired from the suppliers/shopkeepers of parts market and they informed that the sale of the side mirror, window glass, and back glasses has increased manifold during last 2-3 weeks and stated that they have never seen such a historic sale in their whole life which is alarming,” according to the statement.

It is the need of the hour to take immediate safety measures and strict action against the criminal elements area otherwise all the efforts in the past which revived peace and security will go in vain.

Therefore, the gravity of the situation demands your immediate intervention and direct the police department to increase the patrolling and deploy policemen on key points of the areas for the safety and security of the karachiities.

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