Maren Morris Releases ‘Cut!’ from EP ‘Intermission’

Maren Morris Releases ‘Cut!’ from EP ‘Intermission’

Maren Morris has unveiled her latest single, “Cut!,” a powerful collaboration with Julia Michaels. The track is set to feature on her highly anticipated 5-song EP, ‘Intermission,’ slated for release on August 2.

In a candid statement, Morris explained that “Cut!” delves into the pressures of maintaining a flawless exterior while grappling with inner turmoil.

“‘Cut!’ is about me holding myself together through the day, looking well-rested, not a hair out of place, not canceling any plans with friends because that’s how well I want you to think I’m doing,” shared Morris. “Perhaps those things are all true, but at night I let the mask slip and let myself scream or fall apart to let the steam out of the kettle.

It’s a cathartic release that doesn’t require secrecy, but there are worldly expectations to keep it together despite your feelings. This song gives me permission to fall apart.”

This release marks the second time Morris and Michaels have teamed up, following their successful collaboration on “Circles Around This Town,” the lead single from Morris’ 2022 album ‘Humble Quest.’

The release of “Cut!” comes during a period of significant personal milestones for Morris. Earlier this month, she publicly celebrated her bisexuality during a stop on her RSVP Redux Tour in Phoenix, proudly declaring, “happy to be the B in LGBTQ+,” accompanied by photos of herself with Pride flags.

Morris has also been vocal about her evolving relationship with the country music industry. In September 2023, she released a two-track EP, ‘The Bridge,’ featuring “The Tree” and “Get the Hell Out of Here,” signaling a shift in her musical direction.

Expressing her disillusionment with the genre’s politics, Morris told the Los Angeles Times, “I thought I’d like to burn it to the ground and start over. But it’s burning itself down without my help.”

Despite these strong words, Morris later clarified on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ that she is not abandoning country music entirely. Instead, she aims to move away from the “toxic parts” of the industry while retaining its positive aspects.

“I want to take the good parts with me. I’m from Texas, I grew up on all that music, so the way I write, the way I sing, that’s what comes out — whatever genre I’m doing or feature I’m doing.”

Morris’ upcoming ‘Intermission’ EP, listed as a pop release on Apple Music, promises to showcase her versatility and depth as an artist.