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MCC Gwadar announces auction of confiscated vehicles on June 03


KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Gwadar has announced auction of confiscated vehicles to be held on June 03 and June 10, 2020 at the Custom House Gwadar.

A notification issued by the Collectorate stated that vehicles old and used of different make and model and launch without engine would be presented at first auction to be held on June 03, 2020 and in second auction to be held on June 10, 2020 at Custom House Gwadar.

Following vehicles will be presented for the auction:

  1. Toyota Axio Luxel, 1800CC, Model 2007, Chassis No. ZRE142-6007330, Engine No. ZZRFE-4093073
  2. Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X, 2700CC, Model 2000, Chassis No. VZN185-9041829, Engine No. 5VZ-FE-3378
  3. Suzuk Jimmy Jeep, 1300CC, Chassis No. JB31W-10334
  4. Land Cruiser V8, 4700CC, Model 2002, Chassis No. UZI100-0140536, Engine No. 2UZ-FE-829811
  5. Toyota Land Cruiser, 4700CC, Model 1998, Chassis No. UZI100-0003462, Engine No. ZUZ-FE4663
  6. Toyota Hilux Surf, 3000CC, Model 1998, Chassis No. RZN185-9041977, Engine No. 3RZ-FE
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser 03 door, Chassis No. VZJ1125-0001242, Engine No. 5VZ-FE-3378
  8. Toyota Corolla X, Chassis No. NZE-120-0123636
  9. Toyota Corolla X, 1500CC, Model 2004, Chassis No. NZE-121-3277622
  10. Toyota Premio, 1794CC, Model 2004, Chassis No. ZZT240-5036121, Engine No. A-582907
  11. Toyota Premio, 1800CC, Model 2006, Chassis No. ZZT240-0113265
  12. Toyota Hilux Surf, 3000CC, Model 1992, Chassis No. LN130-0105065
  13. Toyota Corolla X, Model 2005, Chassis No. NZE121-0373068, Engine No. INZ-A65233
  14. Toyota Premio, Model 2005, Chassis No. ZZT140061952, Engine No. ZZEFE-076639
  15. Toyota Premio, Model 2006, Chassis No. ZZT240-5053096, Engine No. IZZ-FE
  16. Toyota Axio X, Model 2007, Chassis No. NZE141-6024739, Engine No. IZZFE
  17. Toyota Corolla Raum, Model 2003, Chassis No. NCZ20-0018417, Engine No. 1NZ-FE-543056
  18. Zamyad Irani Pickup, Chassis No. NAZPL140-0466694
  19. Toyota Hilux Surf (SSRG), 3378CC, Model 2006, Chassis No. VZN215-0004806, Engine No. 5VZ-FE-3378
  20. Toyota Corolla X, Model 2003, Chassis No. NZE121-3260205, Engine No. 1NZ-FE1496
  21. Toyota Corolla X, 1500CC, Model 2005, Chassis No. NZE121-0353837, Engine No. INZ-FE-B715740
  22. Toyota Corolla X, 1500CC, Model 2005, Chassis No. NZE121-0350500, Engine No. INZ-B698369
  23. Toyota Raum, Model 2004, Chassis No. NCZ20-0042911, Engine No. 1NZ-FE-B121410
  24. Toyota Vitz, Model 2003, Chassis No. SCP13-0024190, Engine No. 2SZ-FE
  25. Toyota Premio, Model 2007, Chassis No. ZRT260-3009646, Engine No. 2ZR-4017915
  26. Toyota Premo, Model 2003, Chassis No. ZZT240-5006935, Engine No. 1ZZ-FE
  27. Toyota Raum, Model 2004, Chassis No. NCZ20-0064404, Engine No. 1NZ-B-451502
  28. Mazda Titan (6-wheeler), 1995CC, Chassis No. KC-WG-67H-100108
  29. Launch without engine

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