New prices of Honda Cars in Pakistan

New prices of Honda Cars in Pakistan

KARACHI: Honda Khair, the authorized dealership of Honda Motors in Pakistan announced the new prices of its cars effective from July 30, 2022.

According to Honda Khair, following are the new showroom prices of Honda cars:

The new price of City MT 1.2L is Rs4,049,000.

The new price of City CVT 1.2L is Rs4,199,000.

The new price of City CVT 1.5L is Rs4,439,000.

The new price of City Asp MT 1.5L is Rs4,609,000.

The new price of City Asp CVT 1.5L is Rs4,799,000.

The new price of BR-V CVT S is Rs5,299,000.

The new price of Civic 1.5L M CVT is Rs6,799,000.

The new price of Civic 1.5L Oriel M CVT is Rs7,099,000.

The new price of Civic RS 1.5LL CVT is Rs8,099,000.

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The Rupee devaluation has approached an alarming level under the vague economic and political direction; further aggravating the situation.

Resultantly, the car customers are facing delays in delivery, hikes in prices and temporary non- availability of some car variants.

Moreover, the fiscal measures adopted by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the management of foreign reserves has unavoidably impacted the import and production schedules lately.

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The company in its detailed financial report said: “The imposition of Super Tax will further hammer the already thin margins of auto business.”

The company also said that the automobile industry is considered as one of the key sectors for rapid transformation of the economy.

Likewise, the automobile industry of Pakistan epitomizes considerable growth, capacity building and technological prowess.

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“The current state of auto sector, however, has matured differently through the quarter under review. Adverse USD/PKR exchange rate parity and global supply glitches continue to undermine the Industry’s potential throughout,” it said.