Pakistan Customs to Auction Confiscated Smuggled High-Speed Diesel Oil

Pakistan Customs to Auction Confiscated Smuggled High-Speed Diesel Oil

Multan, Pakistan – Pakistan Customs has recently announced its plans to auction a significant quantity of confiscated smuggled high-speed diesel (HSD) oil on June 19, 2023.

The confiscated petroleum product, which was intercepted by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Customs) Multan, will be made available for bidding at House No. 4, Ittefaq Town, Opposite Edhi Village, Khanewal Road, Multan.

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The auction will feature approximately 133,890 liters of HSD oil, which has been acquired through successful operations against smuggling activities. Pakistan Customs has been vigilant in cracking down on smuggling networks in recent months, resulting in the seizure of substantial quantities of illegal petroleum products. The auction will serve as an opportunity to dispose of the confiscated goods and recover losses incurred through illicit activities.

The demand for smuggled petroleum products remains high in Pakistan due to the significant price difference compared to legally imported alternatives. The majority of these illegal products find their way into the country through the Iranian borders. In an effort to protect the local market and safeguard the interests of the national exchequer by preventing revenue losses from unpaid duties and taxes, Pakistani authorities have intensified their efforts to combat smuggling activities.

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The auction of the confiscated high-speed diesel oil is part of Pakistan Customs’ ongoing efforts to discourage smuggling and ensure compliance with import regulations. By publicizing the auction and inviting interested bidders, the customs department aims to promote transparency and fairness in the sale of these confiscated goods. The revenue generated from the auction will contribute to the national exchequer and support the government’s initiatives in various sectors.

Pakistan Customs encourages potential buyers to participate in the auction and abide by all relevant rules and regulations. Interested parties are advised to visit the auction site on June 19, 2023, and submit their bids in accordance with the specified procedures.

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The auction represents a significant step towards curbing smuggling activities and creating a level playing field for legitimate businesses in the petroleum sector. It also serves as a reminder to smugglers that their illicit activities will not go unpunished and that the authorities are committed to upholding the law and safeguarding the interests of the nation.

Pakistan Customs continues to work tirelessly to ensure the security and prosperity of the country by combating smuggling and promoting lawful trade practices.

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