Pakistan Initiates Hajj Application Process for Next Year

Pakistan Initiates Hajj Application Process for Next Year

ISLAMABAD, November 27, 2023 – Pakistan officially commenced the Hajj application process for the upcoming year on Monday, as announced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The spokesperson for the ministry confirmed that the application submission window will remain open until the 12th of next month, providing prospective pilgrims ample time to apply for this sacred journey.

According to the statement, individuals interested in undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage can submit their applications, and the process includes the option of utilizing a passport valid until December 16, 2024. Additionally, the Hajj application can also be processed using a passport application token.

The government has set a cap for the number of pilgrims, with approximately 89,605 Pakistanis expected to perform Hajj under the government scheme. In the event that the number of applications surpasses the designated quota, a balloting system will be implemented to determine the fortunate pilgrims.

A notable and progressive change in this year’s process is the inclusion of an opportunity for women to undertake the sacred journey without the traditional requirement of a male companion. This marks a significant step forward in providing equal opportunities for both male and female pilgrims.

In addition to the general application process, the sponsorship scheme allocates twenty-five thousand seats on a first-come, first-served basis. This mechanism aims to streamline the allocation process, allowing individuals to secure their spots promptly.

The initiation of the Hajj application process is a crucial milestone for the citizens of Pakistan, as it paves the way for a spiritual journey that holds immense significance in Islam. Hajj, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is a mandatory pilgrimage that every financially and physically able Muslim must undertake at least once in their lifetime.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs, in collaboration with relevant authorities, is committed to ensuring a smooth and organized application process, enabling all eligible individuals to participate in this sacred journey. The introduction of progressive measures, such as the inclusion of women without a mandatory male companion, reflects a commitment to inclusivity and equality within the Hajj pilgrimage.

As the application period unfolds, the anticipation for the sacred journey to the holy land grows among the Muslim community in Pakistan. The government’s efforts to facilitate the pilgrimage process demonstrate its dedication to ensuring that the spiritual aspirations of the nation are met with efficiency and fairness.