Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively: Real-life chemistry hits MCU

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively: Real-life chemistry hits MCU

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, known for their offbeat and playful humor, might soon share their dynamic chemistry on-screen.

Fans are buzzing with speculation that the beloved couple will collaborate in the upcoming “Deadpool Vs. Wolverine” movie.

The rumors started after a new teaser for the film dropped over the weekend, potentially hinting at the first MCU appearance of Wanda Wilson, also known as Lady Deadpool – a female counterpart to Deadpool from an alternate universe in Marvel Comics.

In the teaser, around the 30-second mark, Reynolds’ Deadpool ominously declares, “I’m abut to lose everything that I’ve ever cared about.” Immediately following this, a pair of legs in a red and Deadpool-like suit appears, walking through an orange mist. This brief glimpse was enough to ignite theories.

“My husband said based on the costume it’s Lady Deadpool, and he thinks it’s Blake Lively!” one fan exclaimed on X (formerly Twitter), according to People Magazine.

“Willing to bet Blake Lively’s playing Lady Deadpool. It would make perfect sense given that she’s married to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds,” another fan added, supporting the theory.

“It’ll make absolutely ZERO sense if anyone other than #BlakeLively will play #LadyDeadpool,” insisted a third, echoing the excitement and anticipation.

This potential casting has fans eager to see if the Reynolds-Lively dynamic will transition from their real-life antics to the big screen. The pair’s unique sense of humor and chemistry could add an extra layer of fun to the film.

“Deadpool Vs. Wolverine” is set to premiere across the US on July 26, 2024. Fans will have to wait to see if the internet’s favorite couple will indeed share the screen, bringing their renowned wit and charm to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.