Sindh Launches Online Digitalization Services at ABAD

Sindh Launches Online Digitalization Services at ABAD

KARACHI: Sindh Caretaker Minister for Revenue, Industry, and Commerce, Younus Dagha, inaugurated E-Services for Revenue land digitalization and an Online Facilitation Center at the prestigious head office of the Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD).

In a statement released on Sunday, Minister Dagha asserted that the primary objective behind establishing this center is to address the concerns of builders, developers, and the general public with utmost transparency. He emphasized that the caretaker government is resolute in its commitment to eradicate corruption and unscrupulous practices, safeguarding public lands from fraudulent activities.

Dagha articulated that the revolutionary E-Services App, now in operation for the Board of Revenue and Commerce ministry, offers a diverse range of services, including domicile issuance. He underscored that this initiative is a testament to the caretaker government’s proactive approach, demonstrating that where there is a will, there is indeed a way.

“At present, the E-Service app is tailored for the Board of Revenue and Commerce ministry, but our vision extends beyond; we plan to extend this service to other provincial departments,” stated Minister Dagha, highlighting the government’s commitment to digitalize various sectors for efficient governance.

The minister proudly announced the robust Anti-Encroachment drive, emphasizing the reclamation of lands unlawfully seized by unscrupulous elements. He expressed determination to achieve the caretaker government’s goals within their brief tenure.

Regarding the Sindh Board of Revenue Allotment policy, Minister Dagha disclosed that it is under development and will be unveiled shortly. He stressed the vital role of the construction industry in stabilizing the economy, emphasizing the need for focused government attention to harness its full potential.

Responding to queries, Minister Dagha clarified that taxation falls beyond the mandate of the caretaker government. The focus, he emphasized, is on transformative measures that enhance governance, transparency, and efficiency.

Addressing the ceremony, Patron In Chief Mohsin Sheikhani declared the digitalization of revenue land as a game-changer for builders and the general public. He critically evaluated the past, suggesting that judicious land management could have averted the country’s current debt problems.

Sheikhani called for a revamp of the existing land allotment policy, alleging its misuse by certain individuals for personal gains, often leading to the illicit transfer of funds abroad. He vehemently advocated for a stringent crackdown on land mafias, considering them a detriment to the economic uplift of the nation.

Chairman ABAD, Asif Sumsum, hailed the inauguration of E-Services at ABAD House as a historic event for Sindh. He reiterated the construction industry’s pivotal role as the backbone of the country and highlighted its significant contribution to job creation and the support of 72 allied industries.

Sumsum lamented the challenges faced by ABAD members, citing instances where construction projects were halted, leading to thousands losing their jobs. He lauded the policies of Army Chief General Asim Munir, urging continuity for the economic development of the nation. Sumsum urged district administrations to work fearlessly for the betterment of the country, emphasizing the need for sustained economic growth.