Vin Diesel Demands $250M for ‘Fast & Furious’ Finale

Vin Diesel Demands $250M for ‘Fast & Furious’ Finale

Vin Diesel is reportedly clashing with Universal Studios over the budget for the final installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.

The 56-year-old actor and producer is adamant about a $250 million budget for the eleventh film, aiming to create a “powerful” and “exciting” conclusion. However, this demand is causing friction, as studio executives push for a more economical approach.

A source close to the situation revealed, “Vin isn’t handling the new reality of moviemaking in 2024 as well as he could.” The source noted that Diesel’s vision for the finale is rooted in pre-COVID-19 expectations, which are no longer feasible given the current industry landscape. Despite the studio’s desire for a more modest production, Diesel remains fixated on making the biggest Fast & Furious movie ever.

Universal’s executives are particularly cautious after the previous installment, which had a similar budget but resulted in “diminishing returns.”

This financial backdrop has made them wary of repeating the same approach, urging Diesel to consider a more stripped-down thriller akin to the 2009 soft reboot, Fast & Furious. The studio believes cutting down on expensive guest stars could significantly reduce costs without compromising the film’s impact.

Diesel, however, is leveraging his substantial fanbase to rally support for his vision. He has been actively engaging with fans through social media, sharing updates and building anticipation for the movie. “It’s a clever strategy, but is it a wise one?” the insider questioned, reflecting the uncertainty surrounding Diesel’s approach.

As negotiations continue, the future of the Fast & Furious finale hangs in the balance. Will Diesel’s unwavering commitment to a grandiose finale prevail, or will he have to adapt to the new financial realities of Hollywood? Fans eagerly await the resolution, hoping for a thrilling conclusion to the beloved franchise.