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Authorities seal 609 illegal pumps; recover 4.5 million petrol, diesel

Islamabad: Pakistan Customs with the assistance of law enforcement agencies has sealed around 609 illegal pumps selling smuggled petroleum products.

Besides, around 4.5 million liters of smuggled petrol and diesel have also seized during the operation, a statement issued by the PM office said on Friday.

The authorities have initiated crackdown against the illegal fuel stations on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

An across-the-board and non-discriminatory action under the ministry of interior is on full swing, which has started yielding positive results, the PM office said.

In case, owners of the sealed fuel station remain unable to produce authentic documents within seven days of the action, the State will be authorized to confiscate their pump along with other properties under the Custom Act, it said.

Non-production of documents will deem the fact that the properties were acquired through illegal means of smuggling, it added.