Customs I&I to auction imported vehicles on November 5

Customs I&I to auction imported vehicles on November 5

KARACHI: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Customs, Karachi has announced the auction of old and used imported vehicles to be held on November 05, 2021.

The directorate to auction the following used and old imported vehicles:

01. Mercedes Benz E-230 Car, Reg. No. AAJ-106, Model-1997 Chassis No. WDB2100372A189414 Color Grey 2294cc

02. BMW 7 Series E66 745Li Car, Reg. No. BCP-523, Model-2002 Chassis No. WBAGN62000DE55455, H.P. 4400cc Color White

03. Toyota Mark X Car, Reg.No.AMQ-020, Model-2006 Chassis No.GRX121-3001124, H.P.3000CC, Color Pearl White

04. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.ASP-663 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX121-1005188 color pearl white H.P 2994 CC

05. Honda Civic Car Reg No.AKY-342 Model 2004 Chassis No.JHMES56804S201499 color Black H.P 1590 CC

06. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.BBF-001 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0045540 color pearl white H.P 2499 CC

07. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.ARN-690 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0021588 color Silver H.P 2500 CC

08. Toyota Hilux Surf Reg. No. ABC-600 Model 1997 Chassis No.KZN185-9022690 color Silver 2982 CC

09. Toyota Prado Jeep, Reg No. WAA-225, Model 1996 Chassis No.VZJ95-0001689 Color Blue H.P 3378 CC

10. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. LED-14-7246, Model 2005, Chassis No.GRX121-1005846 color Pearl White H.P 3000 CC

11. Honda Accord Car, having dummy/fake registration plate / Mark Reg. No. AXY-881, Chassis No. CL7-3006381, Model-2003, Color Silver

12. Suzuki Swift Car Reg No. BCF-996, Chassis No.ZC11S-166252, 1300CC , Model 2006, Color Silver

13. Toyota Mark-X Car having dummy/fake Reg plate / Mark ASY-789 Karachi, Chassis No. GRX120-0067707, 2499cc Model 2006, Color Pearl White

14. Toyota Premio Car having dummy/fake registration plate / Mark ARL-786, Chassis No. ZZT240-5014560, Engine No.INZ-A477200, 1794cc Model 2003, Color Pearl White

15. Honda Civic Reborn (Hybrid) Car, without Registration plate/Mark, ASP-765 Karachi Chassis No.FD3-1005399, Engine No.DAA-FD3, 1300 CC Model 2006, Color Silver

16.Toyota Surf Jeep having dummy/fake Reg plate / Mark BC-5511, Chassis No. VZN185-0357462, Model 2001, Color Golden

17. BMW-(545i Series) Car, having dummy/fake registration plate / Mark without Registration plate/Mark, Chassis No.WBANB32070B360916 ,Model 2004, Color Black,

18. Suzuki Swift Car having dummy/fake Reg plate / Mark AWA-248, Chassis No.ZCI 1S-123498, Model 2005, Color Black

19. Toyota Vitz Car having dummy/fake Reg. plate / Mark BDA-756, Chassis No. KSP90-2067642, Model 2008, 1000 cc Color White,

20. Toyota Mark-X Car having dummy/fake registration plate / Mark AZU-931, Chassis No. GRX120-0040846, Model 2005, 2500 cc Color White

21. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep Bearing Registration No. 493301 (Bahrain), Chassis No. JTMDU09J3E5087856, Engine No. 1GRB000618, Model 2014, 4000CC, Color Pearl White

22. Toyota X Corolla Bearing Registration No. AWV-409 (Karachi), Chassis No. ZZE122-3001965, 1500CC, Model 2000, Color Silver

23. Toyota Mark-X Registration No. ARV-871 (Karachi), Chassis No. GRX120-0045784, 2500CC, Model 2005, Color Pearl White

24. Toyota Corolla Car Bearing Registration No. AAM-180 (Quetta), Chassis No. AE100-002618, Model 1992

25. Suzuki Swift Car having Dummy / Fake Registration Plate / Mark AUJ-037 (Karachi), Chassis No.ZC11S-166072 1300CC, Model 2006 Color Silver

26. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep having Dummy / Fake Registration Plate / Mark E-1412, Chassis No.LN130-7023698 Engine No. 2L-3254319, Model 1992, Color Black

27. Toyota Land Cruiser Lexus LX-470 Jeep bearing Registration Plate / Mark. CC-52-33 (unregistered) Chassis No.UZJ100-0016994, Engine No.2UZ-0026202, Color Rose Mist, Model 1999, 4700CC

28. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep (Cygnus)having Registration Plate / Mark AJKF-8208 Chassis No.UZJ100-0160781, 4663CC.Model 2006, Color Pearl White

29. Toyota Mark-X Car Regd No.AAK-405, Chassis No.GRX121-1005389, 3000CC, Model 2005 Color Pearl White

30.Suzuki Swift Car Registration No. BAA-230 (Karachi), Chassis No.ZC11S-159920, H.P 1328CC, Model 2006, Color Pearl White

31. Suzuki Swift Car Registration No. AYA-807 ( Karachi), Chassis No.ZC71S-470841, H.P. 1300CC, Model 2009, Color Silver

32. Suzuki Swift Car Registration No. AWX-097 (Karachi), Chassis No.JSAEZC11S00406854, H.P. 1328CC, Model 2006 Color Pearl White

33. Suzuki Swift Car Registration AYG-759, Chassis No.ZC71S-435206, H.P 1300CC, Model 2008, Color Black

34. Suzuki Liana Car Reg No.APM-342

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