Customs Intelligence Lahore to Host Extensive Used Vehicle Auction on September 23

Customs Intelligence Lahore to Host Extensive Used Vehicle Auction on September 23

Islamabad, September 21, 2023 – Customs Intelligence Lahore will conduct a substantial auction of used vehicles on September 23, 2023. This auction event will take place at the State Warehouse, situated at Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, 358-Jahnazeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

Below is the list of motor vehicles that will be presented for auction:

1. Nissan Ceferio Car, Registration Plate No. LEE-07-1, Chassis No.GF50- 054361, Model 2003, Colour Black

2. Honda Accord Car, Registration No.LRX-8411, Chassis No.CF3-1200586, Model 2000, Colour Silver

3. F/O Used Honda Civic Car, Model 2006, and Chassis No. FD3-1004939 Engine No. Could not be traced, Colour-Silver.

4. BMW Heavy Bike Ch#WB1021608AZPZ4634 Model-2010, 800 S

5. Honda Heavy Bike Ch#JH2SC6A7YM400905 Model- 2000 1100 ST

6. Foreign Origin (F/O) Honda Civic Car, 2003 Applied For Chassis No. ES1-1400549

7. F/o Honda Civic Car, 2003 REG. No. LED-12-3138, Chassis No. ESI- 1401502

8. Used F/o Toyota Lexus Model-2005, Registration Plate No. HG05 OXK, Ch#No. JTJHW31UX00003408

9. Used F/o Honda Accord Car, Model 2002, and Chassis No: CL7-3002790, Engine No. N/V, Color-Silver

10. F/o. used Toyota Premio Car Model: 2005 (as per seat belt), Registration Plate No. LEB-06-2466, Chassis No. AZT240-0020658

11. F/o used Mercedes Benz Car Model 2001, Chassis No. WDB22017528149503 color Black Fake Reg No. MB-008

12. F/o used Mercedes Benz B170 Car Model 2006 Ch No. WDD2452322J094483 color scarlet Red Fake Reg No. YX-500

13. F/o used Nissan CIMA 4.5 V8 Car Model 2000 Ch# GF50-002482 color silver

14. F/O Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Reg No. ZB(T)2555, Chassis No. HDJ81-0000449, Colour-Silver, Model-1990

15. F/O Used Honda Accord Car, Reg No. LWN-4586, Chassis No. CL7- 3103610, Colour-White, Model-2005

16. F/O Used Mercedes Benz Car, Chassis WDD2050422R042R041052, Colour-Black, Model-2015(without remote / keys)

17. F/O Used Mark X Car, Chassis No.GRX121-1003440, Colour White Ignition Key-One, Reg No. ANU-798/Sindh

18. F/O Used Toyota Mark X car, Chassis No. GRX120-3014267, Model-2006, Colour-Pearl White, Fake Regd No. BU-250

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19. Toyota Mark X Car, Model-2005, Color-Silver, Chassis No. GRX121-1004714, (3000-CC)

20. Audi-AG Car, Model-2009, Color-Green, Chassis# WAUZZZ8K09A230262, 2000-CC,

21. Toyota Mark X Car (3000-CC), Model-2005, Chassis No. GRX121-1004189, Color-Silver, (Fake Reg #APS-345)

22. F/O Used Honda Civic Car, Model 2007, Chassis No. FD3-1000377, Colour-Silver, Engine Capacity-1300CC, Fake Reg No. ZV-280

23. Toyota Aqua Car, Model-2012, Colour-Silver, Chassis# NHP10-6079772, Fake Reg.# Rana

24. Toyota Aqua Car, Model-2013, Colour-Silver, Chassis# NHP10-2240970, Fake Reg.# LEF-16-7747

25. F/O Used Honda Accord Car, Model-2003, Color-Silver, Chassis #CL7-3010047, Engine No. K20A(Reg # LEA8968)

26. F/O Used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Chassis No. VZJ95-0099467, Colour-Silver, Model-1999

27. F/O Used Range Rover Vogue Jeep, Model-2003, Colour-Silver, Chassis No. SALLMAMA33A131168, Key not available.

28. F/O Used Toyota Prius Car, Model-2010, Colour-Silver, Chassis No. ZVW30-5135007, Fake Reg.# APL-2023

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29. F/O Used Nissan Skyline Car, Model-2010, Chassis No. VSKCVND40U0403776

30. F/O Used Toyota Crown Car, Model-2008, Chassis No. GRS200-0011947, Colour-White BGB-493

31. F/O used Honda Civic car, Model 2005, Chassis No. FD3-1000724, LED-1368

32. F/O Used Toyota Prius Car, Model-2004, Colour-Pearl White, Chassis# NHW20-0063019, Fake Reg.# APL-2023

33. F/O used Honda Civic car, Model 2007, Chassis No. FD3-1100764, BBR-332/Sindh

34. F/o used Toyota Vitz Car, Model-2005, Colour-Black Sand Metalic, Chassis# KSP90-0010602 Fake Reg No.ME-304

35. F/o used Toyota Vitz Car, Model-2005, Colour-Silver, Chassis# SCP30-0014749 Fake Reg No. Nil

36. F/o used Subaru Pleo Car Model-2016, Colour-White, Chassis No# LA300F-1515590 Fake Reg No.NIl

37. Used Toyota Prius, Model 2010, Color Black, Chassis# ZVW30-5047102, (Reg# ADJ-142)

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38. Used Nissan Petrol Jeep, Model 2004, Color White, Chassis # WFGY61-002031, , (Reg # LZK-5000)

39. Used Toyota Crown Car, Model 2004, Color White, Chassis # GRS182-0028964, (Reg # AMM-908)

40. Used Honda CBR 600-RR, 600-cc, Model: 2004, Chassis # JH2PC4040AK300053 Without Engine

41. Used Kawasaki Heavy Bike RLE 400-CC, Model: 1994, Chassis # KLE400TRAIL05243

42. Used Chopper Heavy Bike (Frame Only) Seat, Side Cover, Engine Not Available, Chassis # JSIBY53A592100073, Frame Design for 1800-cc Engine

43. Used Honda Heavy Bike, Model:1992, 600-cc, Chassis # JH2PC2507MM105734

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