DRAP warns pharma industry against increasing drug prices

ISLAMABAD: Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has taken notice of unauthorized increase in prices of medicines.
In this regard the authority issued directives to pharmaceutical industries asking them to ensure maximum retail price (MRP).
“Your are advised to monitor MRPs in the market and ensure that MRPs of drugs are not higher than the prices notified through SRO 1610(I)/2018 dated December 31, 2018.”
In case of stocks available in the retail shops or manufactured/imported prior to issuance of this above said SROs must be sold at previous MRPs printed on the label in the manner prescribed by the Drugs (Labeling and Packing) Rules, 1986 and stickers/ cuttings are not allowed.
The authority said that some complaints had been received that unscrupulous elements in the pharma industry had increased prices of their drugs over and above approved maximum retail prices by the federal government.
In recent past MRPs of 889 drugs were notified after approval by the federal government through SRO 1610(I)/2018 dated December 31, 2018.
In addition an increase at 9 percent over and above the notified prices was allowed on January 10, 2019. Besides, another 15 percent increase was allowed on the same date in case of several other drugs.
The authorities said that in case of non-compliance by pharma industry, legal action would be taken against violators under the Drugs Act, 1976, DRAP Act, 2012 and rules framed three under and SRO 913 dated September 09, 2019.

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