FBR directs banks to provide details of Benami account holders in 15 days

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed all the banks to provide details of Benami account holders within next 15 days.

FBR spokesman on Monday said that FBR chairman Shabbar Zaidi had sent communication to all the heads of banks asking them to provide details of Benami accounts.

The spokesman said that the FBR desired the banks should obtain details of Benami account holders themselves under Benami Act 2017. “The FBR does not want to make direct contact with account holders,” the spokesman said.

The chairman referred My 30, 2019 meeting with the heads of banks in which it was decided that the banks would arrange details of Banami bank accounts.

The chairman assured the banks that the details would be kept secret. The spokesman further said that the FBR had authorized to identify Benami holders under the Benami Act, 2017.

The chairman further desired that FBR and banks should work together to get optimum results. The chairman said that to identify the Benami bank account holders the banks cooperation was very important.

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