FBR excludes self-generated goodwill from intangibles

FBR excludes self-generated goodwill from intangibles

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has said that self-generated goodwill or any adjustment arising on account of account treatment as may be prescribed in rules has been excluded from the definition of intangibles.

Explaining the changes made to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 through Finance Act, 2019, the FBR said that the term intangible has been defined in sub-section (11) of section 24.

The Ordinance defines the intangible as: “any patent, invention, design or model, secret formula or process, copyright, trade mark, scientific or technical knowledge, computer software, motion picture film, export quotas, franchise, licence, intellectual property, or other like property or right, contractual rights and any expenditure that provides an advantage or benefit for a period of more than one year (other than expenditure incurred to acquire a depreciable asset or unimproved land).

The FBR said that amortization deduction has been allowed under Section 24 for the cost of a person’s intangibles that have a normal useful life exceeding one year and that are wholly or partly used by the person in the tax year in deriving income from business chargeable to tax.

Amortization deduction for a tax year is computed by dividing the cost of the intangible over normal useful life of the intangible in whole year.

Prior to the Finance Act, 2019, sub-section (4) of Section 24 stated that where an intangible had a normal useful life of more than ten years or where its useful life was not ascertainable, it was treated to have a normal useful life of 10 years.

Through the Finance Act, 2019, sub-section (4) of Section 24 has been substituted to the effect that an intangible shall now be amortized over its actual normal useful life which can extend beyond ten years also.

Further, where the normal useful life is not ascertainable, the intangible shall be treated to have normal useful life of 25 years.

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