FBR Launches Campaign for Return Filing as Deadline Nears

FBR Launches Campaign for Return Filing as Deadline Nears

Karachi, September 20, 2023 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has embarked on a vigorous campaign, imploring citizens to promptly file their income tax returns as the looming deadline of September 30, 2023, approaches.

With just 10 days left for taxpayers, including salaried individuals, business owners, Associations of Persons (AOPs), and companies with special accounting years, the FBR has stepped up its efforts to ensure compliance.

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The FBR has adopted a multi-pronged approach to remind taxpayers of their obligations. One of the strategies employed is sending SMS notifications to registered mobile phones of individuals who have filed their income tax returns in previous years. Simultaneously, registered email addresses are being utilized to convey the importance of fulfilling their national duty through tax compliance.

Despite the FBR’s efforts to streamline the process, some tax practitioners have raised concerns about the newly upgraded IRIS 2.0 return filing portal. The Pakistan Tax Bar Association (PTBA) and other affiliated tax bars have voiced various issues related to the portal’s functionality. However, the FBR remains steadfast in its assertion that the portal is functioning seamlessly and that taxpayers are successfully filing their returns through it.

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Official sources within the FBR have clarified that there will be no extension of the filing deadline beyond September 30, 2023. Instead, the organization has devised plans to impose penalties on those who fail to comply. Unlike previous years, the FBR has issued income tax return forms promptly this year, providing citizens with a statutory three-month window for filing their tax returns.

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This stern stance by the FBR underscores the urgency of tax compliance and the need for taxpayers to act promptly to meet the upcoming deadline. With penalties on the horizon, it is imperative for all eligible individuals and entities to ensure their returns are filed correctly and on time to avoid any legal consequences.

As the deadline draws nearer, the FBR’s campaign is expected to intensify, further emphasizing the importance of timely and accurate income tax return submissions. Citizens are encouraged to use the upgraded portal, IRIS 2.0, and seek assistance from tax professionals if needed to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

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