FBR notifies panel of advocates for Islamabad station

FBR notifies panel of advocates for Islamabad station

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday notified a panel of advocates to represent tax authorities before various courts and tribunals at Islamabad station.

The FBR placed following advocates, on the Panel of FBR, relating to court matters of Inland Revenue Service for a period of three years:-

01. Atti q-Ur-Rehman

02. Usman Ahmed Ranjha

03. Chaudary Shafiq-Ur Rehman

04. Salman Ajaib

05. Bilal Tariq Khan

06. Barriester Shayyan Qaisar

07. Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan

08. Shaheer Bin Tahir

09. Mohsin Kamal Awan

10. Nargis Sultana Chohan

11. Raja Zubair Hussain Jarral

12. Asad Hussain Ghalib

13. Barrister Waias Az z Qureshi

14. Zeeshan Ali

15. Lajbar Khan Khalil

16. Osama Amin Qazi

17. Abdul Munaf Khan

18. Ali Nawaz Kharal

19. Farrukh Iqbal

20. Shumayl Aziz

21. Usman Rasool Ghuman

Advocates may be assigned Court cases for pleading before various Courts / Tribunals at Islamabad Station, on the basis of merit, keeping in view their experience and facts of the each case.

The matter relating to professional fee/ special professional fee, appointment, performance evaluation, de-notification, conduct of the Panel Advocates and other related matters will be governed by the SOPs/ policy guidelines circulated vide/ FBR’s letter No. 176432 dated 12.10.2020, No. 129965-R dated 24.10.2017 and No. 9(2)PA/2020-21(Pt) dated 26.01.2021 and any other notification issued or to be issued from time to time.