FBR notifies promotion of 20 IRS officers to BS-19

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday notified promotion of 20 Inland Revenue Service (IRS) officers to BS-19 from BS-18 with immediate effect.
The following BS-18 officers of Inland Revenue Service are promoted to
BS-19 on regular basis with immediate effect :-
1. Ms. Kehkshan Khan
2. Mr. Tanveer Iqbal
3. Mr. Rais Humayun Abdul Hayee
4. Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmad Shar
5. Syed Arsalan Qudus Bukhari
6. Ms. Rukhsana Arif
7. Mr. Muhammad Umer Yunus
8. Mr. Riaz Khan
9. Mr. Muhammad Qasswar Hussain
10. Mr. Naheed Ahmad
11. Mr. Bilal Ahmed
12. Ms. Saher Aftab Butt
13. Mr. Muhammad Shakil Anwar
14. Mr. Ghulam Hussain
15. Mr. Usman Ahmed Khan
16. Mr. Sultan Muhammad Nawaz Nasir
17. Ms. Huma Sarwar
18. Mr. Bahader Sher Afridi
19. Mr. Amanullah Virk
20. Ms. Ayesha Ranjha
The officers at Sr. Nos. 03, 13, 19 & 20 will actualize their promotion from the date of their return from deputation and join FBR (HQ), Islamabad. 3. The officer at Sr. No. 01 is recommended for promotion to BS-19 on probation
for one year under Rule 6(2) of Civil Servants (APT) Rules, 1973 and subject to two special reports after every six months each from the date of her promotion.
The officer at Sr. No. 09 is promoted subject to completion of satisfactory PERs, without any adverse entry/remarks, for the period 25-11-2017 to 30-06-2018. 5. The officers who are drawing performance allowance will continue to draw the same after regular promotion to BS-19.
The officers already working in OPS as Additional Commissioner/Additional
Director/Secretary FBR (HQ), Islamabad will actualize their promotion against the present place of posting.
For actualization of promotion of the remaining officers, transfer/ posting
order will be issued separately.
FBR congratulates the aforementioned officers on their regular promotion
to BS-19.

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