FBR sets up departmental enquiry committee

ISLAMABAD: A departmental enquiry committee of the Federal Boar of Revenue (FBR) has been constituted to ascertain admissibility of financial benefits for officials removed from services but reinstated on court orders.

An office order issued on Thursday stated that the departmental enquiry committee of FBR had been constituted to ascertain admissibility of financial benefits, during the period of dismissal / removal from service, after reinstatement of officers/officials back into service as per Appellate/court orders.

Following persons are in the committee:

Member (Admin), FBR HQ, Islamabad: chairman

DFA, FBR (HQ), Islamabad: member

Chief Management (Customs/IR) concerned: member

Secretary litigation concerned: member

Secretary management (customs/IR) concerned: member

The committee shall have the following terms of reference:

To examine cases of reinstatement into service after dismissal/removal; in light of FR-54

To make appropriate recommendations under the Rules

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