FBR starts mandatory registration of brand names

FBR starts mandatory registration of brand names

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started registration of brand names, which is mandatory for manufacturers to sell their products.

The FBR on Tuesday issued Sales Tax General Order (STGO) No. 07 of 2021 for licensing of brand name under Section 40E of Sales Tax Act, 1990 for specified sectors.

According to the STGO made available to PKRevenue.com the FBR issued procedure for licensing of brand name for specified sectors including tobacco products, beverages, sugar, fertilizer, cement and petroleum products.

The revenue body said that all existing and new manufacturers of specified sectors are required to register their brand of each product with the FBR before selling the same in the market.

Every manufacturer will have to submit an application to the Project Director (Track & Trace System), FBR, along with the supportive documents. The application shall include all the details and operations regarding their business / activity.

The FBR said that each application for brand registration shall contain all the requisite information about the applicant. The information should contain manufacturer’s full name, trade name, STRN, NTN, date and place of incorporation, name of its lead directors and any other information to allow identification to take place.

In case of any discrepancy found in application, project director shall issue a letter to the manufacturer about the missing/incomplete details. The manufacturer will have to respond to the letter within a week to avoid cancellation of its application.

During the application process, if any information/document is found to be incorrect/fake, the registration process may be suspended immediately and manufacturer shall be issued a show cause notice to stop all the activities related to the manufacturing and sale of the rejected/not approved brand.

The FBR further said that no manufacturer shall be allowed to sell their products in the market without having their brand registered with the FBR. However, they may be allowed to sell the product from the date of application’s submission.

“If any unregistered brand’s product is found in the market, the IREN shall have the authority to confiscate all of the available stock in the market,” it added.

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