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Federal Budget 2021/2022 to be announced during first week of June

Budget 2021-2022, Finance

ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday said it will present the federal budget 2021/2022 before the Parliament during the first week of June 2021.

According to the budget call circular issued by the finance ministry, the presentation of budget to the cabinet and the parliament would be in the first week of June 2021.

The finance division shall complete all budget documents, schedules and summaries for the cabinet by end of May 2021.

The ministry issued timelines for budget preparation process under which by March 15, 2021 PAOs would provide revised estimates for current fiscal year and budget estimates for 2021/2022 for federal government receipts. On the same date PAOs will also be required to forward budget proposals relating to tax and non-tax revenues for inclusion in Finance Bill 2021/2022.

The PAOs will also comply March 15, 2021 for submission of current and development expenditure budget estimates.

The finance division shall finalize development of budget strategy paper by second week of March 2021. The budget strategy paper shall be submitted to the cabinet by first week of April 2021.

APCC and NEC may hold meeting in April 2021.

Submission of NO/NIS forms for current budget shall be by April 26 to May 14, 2021.

Submission of BO/NIS Forms by ministries / divisions for development budget during May 10 –21, 2021.


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