FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 Match Schedule Unveiled

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 Match Schedule Unveiled

The stage is set for the much-anticipated FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 in Dubai, promising a thrilling spectacle of sun, sand, and soccer.

Fans around the world are gearing up to witness top-tier beach soccer action as teams from across the globe compete for glory.

Let’s explore the comprehensive match schedule, featuring exciting group stage clashes and the road to the exhilarating final.

Group Stage Showdowns:

The tournament kicks off on Thursday, February 15, with a lineup of riveting group stage matches. In Group A, the USA face Italy at 15:30, setting the tone for an intense competition. Simultaneously, in Group B, Tahiti take on Argentina at 17:00. The evening sees United Arab Emirates locking horns with Egypt at 19:30 in Group A, followed by a Group B battle between Spain and IR Iran at 21:00.

Friday, February 16, brings another round of group stage excitement. Group C witnesses a clash between Colombia and Japan at 15:30, while Group D features a high-stakes encounter between Portugal and Mexico at 17:00.

Senegal and Belarus step onto the sandy arena at 19:30 for a Group C showdown, with Brazil and Oman concluding the day at 21:00 in a Group D face-off.

Weekend Intensity:

As the weekend unfolds, the competition intensifies. Saturday, February 17, showcases matches like Italy vs. Egypt in Group A at 15:30 and Spain vs. Tahiti in Group B at 17:00. The night brings a Group A duel between United Arab Emirates and the USA at 19:30, followed by Argentina vs. IR Iran in Group B at 21:00.

Sunday, February 18, features Japan vs. Belarus in Group C at 15:30, followed by Mexico vs. Oman in Group D at 17:00. The evening sees Senegal taking on Colombia in Group C at 19:30, and Brazil facing Portugal in a Group D showdown at 21:00.

Midweek Battles:

The tournament rolls into the week with captivating matchups. On Monday, February 19, the action includes Egypt vs. the USA in Group A at 15:30, Argentina vs. Spain in Group B at 17:00, Italy vs. United Arab Emirates in Group A at 19:30, and IR Iran vs. Tahiti in Group B at 21:00.

Tuesday, February 20, presents a thrilling slate with clashes like Belarus vs. Colombia in Group C at 15:30 and Oman vs. Portugal in Group D at 17:00. The night features Japan vs. Senegal in Group C at 19:30 and Mexico vs. Brazil in Group D at 21:00.

Quarter-finals and Semis:

As the group stage concludes, the knockout phase begins on Thursday, February 22, with quarter-final clashes. The day includes matchups like 1st Group D vs. 2nd Group C at 15:30, 1st Group C vs. 2nd Group D at 17:00, 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group A at 19:30, and 1st Group A vs. 2nd Group B at 21:00.

The stakes get higher on Saturday, February 24, as the semi-finals unfold. At 18:00, the winner of Match 27 faces the winner of Match 25, followed by the winner of Match 28 against the winner of Match 26 at 19:30.

Grand Finale:

The climax of the tournament arrives on Sunday, February 25, with the battle for third place at 18:00 and the grand finale at 19:30. Soccer enthusiasts can expect an adrenaline-pumping conclusion as the top teams vie for the coveted FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup trophy.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 promises a whirlwind of excitement, with the picturesque backdrop of Dubai adding to the allure. As teams showcase their skills on the sandy pitches, fans can look forward to witnessing unforgettable moments and celebrating the beauty of beach soccer on the world stage.