Food Companies Fined SAR 4,000 for Providing Substandard Meals to Pakistani Pilgrims

Food Companies Fined SAR 4,000 for Providing Substandard Meals to Pakistani Pilgrims

MAKKAH MUKARMA, Jun 07, 2023: Two catering companies responsible for providing meals to Pakistani pilgrims in Makkah Mukarma have been fined 4,000 Riyals for failing to meet food quality standards and neglecting their duty to provide satisfactory meals to the intending pilgrims performing Hajj under the Government scheme.

Farooq Haider, the Chief Food Officer, stated that stringent food quality standards had been implemented to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of the pilgrims throughout their Hajj journey. Currently, 13 catering companies are tasked with providing three daily meals to Pakistani Hajj pilgrims residing in nine sectors in Makkah.

To ensure the highest quality of food, each kitchen is staffed with dedicated personnel known as “Moavineen.” These measures are in place to uphold rigorous food quality standards and ensure the pilgrims receive nourishing meals during their stay.

Additionally, Muhammad Hashim, overseeing sectors 8 and 9, provided details about the accommodations in Batha Quraish, Makkah. Thirteen newly constructed buildings have been designed to house 6,317 pilgrims, conveniently located just three kilometers away from the Haram Sharif. Each building is equipped with four lifts to facilitate smooth mobility for the pilgrims.

The authorities responsible for overseeing the welfare of the pilgrims are taking these measures seriously to ensure their comfort and well-being during the Hajj pilgrimage. The penalties imposed on the catering companies demonstrate the commitment to maintaining high food quality standards and providing satisfactory services to the pilgrims.

Efforts will continue to be made to ensure that all service providers involved in catering to the needs of the pilgrims adhere to the established standards, thereby guaranteeing a positive and fulfilling Hajj experience for all Pakistani pilgrims.

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