Honda Motorcycles Announces Price Increase from August 5, 2023

Honda Motorcycles Announces Price Increase from August 5, 2023

Karachi, August 4, 2023 – In response to the ongoing economic challenges and increasing inflation, Honda Motorcycles has announced a significant price increase across various models, effective from August 5, 2023. The decision has been taken to offset rising production and operational costs.

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The Vice Chairman of the Electronic and Motorcycle Dealers Alliance, Abdullah Shari, confirmed the price increase. He stated that Honda Motorcycle has raised prices on several models, with an average hike of Rs. 3,000, which may add to the difficulties faced by motorcycle buyers in the current economic climate.

Impact on Popular Models

Among the popular models, the price of the Honda CD 70 has surged to Rs157,900 after an increase of Rs3,000. Similarly, the Honda 70 Dream is now priced at Rs168,900, following a price hike of Rs3,000.

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The higher-end models have also seen substantial increases. The Honda Pridor’s price now stands at Rs208,900, reflecting a significant increase of Rs5,000. The price of Honda CG 125, another well-received model, has risen by Rs5,000 and reached Rs234,900. The price of Honda CG 125 SE has been increased by Rs7,000 to Rs282,900.

The Honda CB 125F has become more expensive by Rs20,000, which is now priced at Rs390,900. Meanwhile, the price of Honda CB 150F (red/black and red) has been increased by Rs20,000 to Rs493,900. Similarly the price of Honda CB 150F (blue/grey) has been increased by Rs20,000 to Rs497,900.

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Challenges for Motorcycle Buyers

The sudden price increase comes amidst a backdrop of soaring inflation, making it harder for consumers to afford motorcycles. With the new price tags, potential buyers might reconsider their purchase decisions or opt for more affordable alternatives.

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Honda Motorcycle’s decision to raise prices comes as part of an industry-wide trend, as many other automotive companies have implemented price hikes to navigate the turbulent economic landscape.