Income tax shall not exceed 10 percent of profit from saving schemes

KARACHI: Tax laws have granted reduced rate of income tax on profit on investment in saving schemes.

According to updated Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 up to June 30, 2019 issued by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) defined reduction in tax liability for various segments of taxpayers.

The ordinance said that the tax payable under clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 39, in respect of any amount paid as yield or profit on investment in Bahbood Savings Certificate or Pensioners Benefit Account and Shuhada Family Welfare Account shall not exceed 10 percent of such profit.

As per Second Schedule of the Ordinance, the income, or classes of income, or person or classes of person, enumerated below, shall be allowed reduction in tax liability to the extent and subject to such conditions as are specified hereunder:-

(1) (1) Any amount received as-

(a) flying allowance by flight engineers, navigators of Pakistan Armed Forces, Pakistani Airlines or Civil Aviation Authority, Junior Commissioned Officers or other ranks of Pakistan Armed Forces; and

(b) submarine allowance by the officers of the Pakistan Navy, shall be taxed at 2.5 percent as a separate block of income:

Provided that the reduction under this clause shall be available to so much of the flying allowance or the submarine allowance as does not exceed an amount equal to the basic salary.

(1AA) Total allowances received by pilots of any Pakistani airlines shall be taxed at a rate of 7.5%, provided that the reduction under this clause shall be available to so much of the allowances as exceeds an amount equal to the basic pay.

The tax payable by a full time teacher or a researcher, employed in a non profit education or research institution duly recognized by Higher Education Commission, a Board of Education or a University recognized by the Higher Education Commission, including government research institution, shall be reduced by an amount equal to 25 percent of tax payable on his income from salary:

Provided that this clause shall not apply to teacher of medical profession who derive income from private medical practice or who receive share of consideration received from patients.

The amount of tax payable, in a year in which the rupee is revalued or devalued, by a taxpayer whose profits or gains are computed in accordance with the rules contained in the Fifth Schedule to this Ordinance and who had entered with the Government into an agreement which provides for such reduction, shall be reduced to the amount that would be payable in the absence of the revaluation or devaluation of the rupee.

In respect of old and used automotive vehicles, tax under section 148 shall not exceed the amount specified in Notification No. S.R.O. 577(I)/2005, dated the 6th June, 2005.

The amount of tax payable by foreign film-makers from making films in Pakistan shall be reduced by fifty percent on income from film-making in Pakistan.

The amount of tax payable by resident companies deriving income from film-making shall be reduced by seventy percent on income from film-making.

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