Industry cries foul as gas suspension halts production

Industry cries foul as gas suspension halts production

KARACHI: The industry has cried foul over suspension of natural gas, which has halted the manufacturing activities resulting dishonoring export orders.

The Industrialists of SITE Karachi have stringed up protesting banners over various roads and roundabouts of industrial areas against Gas load shedding, appealing the Prime Minister for uninterrupted supply of gas to industries of Karachi to save export and general industries including SMEs from disaster otherwise, fulfillment of export orders and new investments of billions of rupees shall be at risk.

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President, SITE Association of Industry, Abdul Rasheed, in a statement appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan that industries are facing suspension of gas supply since November 21, 2021.

Due to daily 16 hours’ gas load shedding or zero gas pressure, about 66 per cent industrial production has been effected whereas, discrimination with Karachi is catastrophic for industries and against the defined export policies of the prime minister.

Karachi is industrial and economic hub of Pakistan, despite of contributing 68 per cent to national exchequer, contributing over 54 per cent towards total exports and 52 per cent towards textile exports, Karachi is facing injustice by authorities.

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Abdul Rasheed raised the question as to why industries of Karachi solely suffers from shortage of Gas? Why is Sindh being prevented from using its own Gas?

“It seems that there is hidden intention of shutting down or destroying Karachi industries behind depriving Karachi of gas. Is depriving Karachi of gas aimed at thwarting Prime Minister’s export policy?”

Last year SSGC was provided with 150 MMCFD RLNG against only 34 MMCFD RLNG provided this year.

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He further added that Sui Northern Gas Company may also confer its appropriate share to Baluchistan and wrongly allowed 211 MMCFD gas to Sui Northern Gas may be provided back to SSGC to improve gas supply.

SAI chief has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to ensure round-the-clock gas supply with adequate pressure to Karachi industries and requested to supply gas regardless of category i.e. Export, General industries or SMEs so that destruction of industries could be avoided failing which investment made by importing 3 billion dollars’ worth machinery by various industries shall be in jeopardy and will lead to a flood of unemployment.

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