Ishaq Dar presents money bill to fund provincial elections

Ishaq Dar presents money bill to fund provincial elections

On Monday, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar introduced a money bill to provide funds for provincial elections.

The finance minister presented the Election Funds Bill in the National Assembly.

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The proposed legislation aims to provide support and reduce the expenses of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for conducting transparent and unbiased elections.

During the session, Dar emphasized the importance of developing the country after preventing it from defaulting. He mentioned that the economy faced significant challenges after the previous government was ousted.

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Dar stated that the government has shifted its focus from economic stability to development and aims to put Pakistan on the path to progress.

Moreover, the finance minister accused the PTI of intentionally creating chaos in the country and attempting to drive the nation towards bankruptcy. He claimed that the PTI leadership does not miss any chance to destabilize the country.

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Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Shehbaz stated that the parliament should be at the center of national life in letter and spirit. He tweeted that the rules of the game should be framed in light of the Constitution to guide the nation’s progress.

The tweet was made as the country celebrated the golden jubilee of the formulation of the 1973 Constitution.

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PM Sharif paid tribute to the framers of the Constitution for their political foresight, stating that the Constitution of Pakistan continues to be central to shaping the country’s character, identity, and future trajectory.

He called the 1973 Constitution a sacred document that held the federation together and weathered many storms over the past 50 years.