KIA Motors introduce new Executive variant of Carnival in Pakistan

KIA Motors introduce new Executive variant of Carnival in Pakistan

KARACHI: KIA Lucky Motors introduced the new ‘Executive’ variant of Carnival in Pakistan. The car features more power, more controls, more space and even more functions.

The car is available in the exterior colors of Snow White Pearl, Silky White, Ceramic Silver, Aurora Black Pearl, Panthera Metal, Astra Blue, Deep Chroma Blue and Flare Red.

According to the KIA Lucky Motors, following are the details of the new variant of KIA Carnival.

The car has infinitely adaptable interior and easy access from every angle, the Carnival puts you in total control. It can take a large group of family or friends as far as the roads can reach, with ample space to accommodate the gear for adventurers, the tools of artisans or furniture to bring home from the store.

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The Sliding doors make for quick entries and exits, and a puddle lamp shows you where you’re stepping after dark. The same technological advances that keep the interior so quiet on the highway also help shut out city noises to create a calming oasis of comfort.

From the futuristic headlamps embedded into the tiger-nose grille to the broad, dramatic stripe of the rear tail lamps, fresh details establish a luxurious new design vernacular among people movers. Sleek body lines serve an aerodynamic purpose, while the expansive windows and dual sunroof complement the cabin’s feeling of openness.

Carnival’s upscale and sophisticated interior puts the driver in command by enabling quick choices with minimal distraction through the use of steering wheel controls, or by tapping on the intuitive center-console screen.

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The Carnival presents everything on a need-to-know basis, filtering out what’s not absolutely necessary. The cockpit is designed and engineered to help you focus on the key information while your mind stays on the road and what’s around you.

The supervision cluster helps you stay focused and informed, with data like remaining distance to empty and fuel consumption, navigation cues, and outside temperature.

View and select audio functions on the 8-inch display. Choose audio sources, tune in to radio stations, and adjust audio quality to taste by using convenient controls mounted on the steering wheel. With wireless phone projection, the display of a compatible phone can be viewed on the center touchscreen.

Now with up to 15W of electric power, the charging pad in the Wireless Charging Tray bin lets you charge compatible mobile phones wirelessly. The indicator shows orange while charging and turns green when charging is complete.

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With firm, welcoming seats, enviable headroom, and tasteful materials, the Carnival comfortably accommodates every individual occupant. From the ways the doors slide to how the seats can be adjusted and moved, the interior is engineered to make the ride a joy for everyone inside.

Seating options let you fit up to eleven people, while some or most seats can be removed to make way for cargo. So you have the luxury to choose between accomodating more people or more luggage.

The quieter gasoline engines of the new Carnival offer significant fuel savings through improved cooling and reduced friction. The 8-speed automatic transmission offers smooth gear changes, with more gear ranges to achieve the perfect balance of economy and power.

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