KIA Pakistan Raises Prices for Two Vehicles from February 1, 2024

KIA Pakistan Raises Prices for Two Vehicles from February 1, 2024

KIA Pakistan has recently announced a price adjustment for two of its vehicles in Pakistan, effective from February 01, 2024. The price increase applies specifically to the KIA Picanto MT and KIA Sportage Alpha models under the partial payment booking method.

The price increase specifically applies to customers who opt for the partial payment booking method. For those choosing the full payment booking method, the prices of the KIA Picanto MT and KIA Sportage Alpha will remain unaffected.

Moreover, the prices of all other KIA models in the lineup will remain steady, ensuring a diverse range of options for potential buyers.

The revelation of this price adjustment came through KIA Pakistan’s social media platforms. However, the company did not provide explicit details regarding the reasons behind this decision, leaving customers and enthusiasts curious about the factors influencing the pricing strategy.

As of February 1, 2024, the updated prices for the affected models are as follows:

KIA Picanto MT:

Previous Price: PKR 3,350,000

Revised Ex-factory Price: PKR 3,600,000

Price Increase: PKR 250,000

KIA Sportage Alpha:

Previous Price: PKR 7,300,000

Revised Ex-factory Price: PKR 7,550,000

Price Increase: PKR 250,000

Additionally, the company has outlined certain terms and conditions associated with these adjustments:

Invoices for all customer orders issued from February 1, 2024, onward will reflect the revised ex-factory prices.

New customer orders booked in the LMC system starting February 1, 2024, will be fulfilled at the updated ex-factory prices.

Customers can take advantage of an ongoing cash-back offer of PKR 150,000 on all variants of the Sportage until February 29, 2024.

Ex-factory prices provided do not encompass freight and insurance charges, which should be considered separately.

Any new or additional government-imposed duties and taxes applicable at the time of delivery will be the responsibility of the customer.

This adjustment in prices showcases the dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the necessity for companies to adapt to changing economic conditions.

Interested buyers and existing customers are encouraged to stay informed about these changes and take advantage of any ongoing promotions within the specified timeframe.