Manufacturers demand domestic supplies against FE should be treated as exports

Manufacturers demand domestic supplies against FE should be treated as exports

KARACHI: Manufacturers have urged the government to treat goods booked abroad on which foreign exchange (FE) has been transferred should be treated as export.

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) in its proposals for budget 2020/2021, said that some manufacturers (like Dawlance etc.) are demanding that overseas Pakistanis may be allowed to send foreign exchange to manufacturers through banking channel for delivery of goods to their blood relations / relatives in Pakistan, which may be treated as export.

Some stores outside Pakistan have contacted the manufacturers for delivery of goods in Pakistan. These stores in foreign countries will make consolidated payment in FE through banking channel to manufacturers in Pakistan.

They have requested the manufacturers in Pakistan to send samples for booking of orders. The issue is that after payment of duty and taxes the goods made in

Pakistan become more expensive.

The Pakistanis expatriates abroad then prefers to purchase smuggled goods from the open market or send goods in baggage (better quality and less cost) declaring it as old and used goods after removing its packing etc.

Store owners abroad have shown keen interest in booking Pakistani manufactured goods to be delivered in Pakistan.

“It is, therefore, proposed that such goods, where orders are booked from abroad and foreign exchange is sent in Pakistan through banking channels, may be treated as exported goods and may be exempted from local duty and taxes or partial exemption may be given in the form of fixed duty drawback / rebate of tax to be notified.”