MCC Quetta auctions 118 seized motor vehicles on September 28

MCC Quetta auctions 118 seized motor vehicles on September 28

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Quetta has announced an auction of a huge number of motor vehicles that were confiscated during recent against non-duty paid and smuggled vehicles.

The collectorate will present 118 motor vehicles at the auction. The auction has been scheduled for September 28, 2020 to be held at MCC Quetta.

Following motor vehicles have been listed for the auction:

S.No.Case No.DescriptionParked At
181-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.NCP91-5006310 Model 2005 Engine No.1NZFE 1500 CCLakpass
2129-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2018Toyota Mark X, Chassis NO. GRX121-1001408, Engine Type: 3GR-FSE, Model 2004, 3000-CC, Colour WhiteSheela Bagh
3124-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2018Toyota Mark X, Chassis No. GRX120-0037293, Engine Type: 4GR-FSE, Model 2005, 2500-CC, Colour WhiteSheela Bagh
4200-Cus/Seiz/MS/2018Toyota Mark X Chassis No. GRX121-1005373, Engine No. 3GRFSE, Model 2005 Colour P/White (3000 CC)Lakpass
59-Cus/Seiz/CMN/18Toyota Mark X Chassis No. GRX121-1002699, Engine Type: 3GR-FSE, Model 2004, Colour White, 2994-CCChaman
680-Cus/Seiz/CP-Bolan/2018Toyota Mark X, Chassis NO. GRX120-3001981, Engine 4GR-FSE, Model 2004, Colour Silver, 2500-CCKolpur
779-Cus/Seiz/CP-Bolan/2018Toyota Mark X Car, Chassis No. GRX120-0037473, Engine No. 4GR-FSE, Model 2005 Colour White, 2500-CCKolpur
8110-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2018Nissan X Trail Jeep, Chassis No. NT30-020555, Model 2001, Colour WhiteManikhawa
9122-Cus/Seiz/MS/18Nissan X Trail Jeep Chassis No. NT30-077946, Engine No. QR20(DE), 1998-CC, Model 2003, Colour GoldenLakpass
10202-Cus/Seiz/MS/2018BMW Car (02-Door), Chassis No. WBACH72050LD11045, Engine Type: M44, Model 1998 Colour SilverLakpass
11203-Cus/Seiz/MS/2018BMW Car, Chassis No. WBADD42090BV14330, Engine Type: M52 Model 1997, Colour BlackLakpass
12116-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2018Toyota Probox DX, Chassis No. NCP51-009164, Model 2003, Colour WhiteManikhawa
1319-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No. SCP13-0007375, Engine Type: 2SZ-FE, Model 2003 (1300 CC)Yaroo
1467-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2017Nissan Car (Automatic), Chassis No. QG10-011435, Engine NO. DG18-347228, Model 2000Sheela Bagh
15289-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2018Kawasaki Motorcycle, Chassis No. 8945A-1, Engine No. ZRT00DEO14545, Model 2007, HP 1000-CC Colour BlackFC
1657-Cus/Seiz/Manikhaw/18DX Corolla Binjo Chassis NO. CE107-0006474, Engine NO. NTA, Model 2000 Colour SilverManikhawa
17303-Cus/Seiz/MS/2017Toyota Litace, Chassis No. CM30-0012463, Engine No. 2CT-080945, Model 1987Lakpass
1853-Cus/Seiz/DBN/2018Car Saracha (RHD), Chassis No. AE100-0197878, Engine No. SHC194187, Model 1996 Colour TrimDalbandin
1906-Cus/Seiz/CMN/2018Saracha Car, Chassis No. GT196-0005336, Engine Type: NTAChaman
20UNHCR/12Toyota Crona Car Chassis No.TT141-4015451 Model 1983UNHCR
2101-Cus/Seiz/TFN/2019Toyota Pickup Single Cabin (LHD) Chassis No.YN57-0020059 Model 1984Taftan
2239-Cus/Seiz/Bln-Darakhshan/2019Toyota Premio X Car (F/origin), Reg No. AVY-765 (FAKE), Chassis No. ZZT240-0109563, Engine No. 1ZZ-FE, H/p. 1794cc, Model. 2005 as per seat belt, Color Code. 073 (Pearl White)Darakshan
2337-Cus/Seiz/Bln-Darakhshan/2019Toyota Premio X Car (F/origin), Reg No. Nill, Chassis No. ZZT240-0142249, Engine No. 1ZZ-FE, H/p. 1794cc, Model. 2007cc as per seat belt, Color Code. 073 (Pearl White)Darakshan
2431-Cus/Seiz/Bln-Darakhshan/2019Toyota Premio X Car (F/origin), Reg No. AVL-756 (Fake), Chassis No. ZZT240-0126271, Eng No. 1ZZ-FE, Horse Power. 1794cc, Model. 2006 (As per seat belt), Color Code. 073 (Pearl White)Darakshan
2586-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0139308 Engine Type 1ZZFE 1797 CC Model 2007Baleli
2630-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota Vitz Car (NCP), Reg No. Nil, Chassis No. KSP90-5005349, Eng No. 1KR0292759, Model. 2005 as per seat belt, Color. Silver, H/p. 1000cc as per trim plateYaroo
2728-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota Probox Car, Reg No. AZA-229 (FAKE), Chassis No. NCP58-0035251, Eng No. 1RZ8358229, Model. 2004 as per seat belt, Color. Silver, H/p. 1500cc as per trim plateYaroo
2837-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Altis Chassis No.MRO53ZEE106113129 Model 2008 Engine No. 3ZZFE 1600 CCLakpass
2984-Cus/Seiz/CP-Bolan/2018Toyota Mark X, Chassis NO. GRX120-0003526, Engine NO. NTA, Model 2004, Colour White, 2500-CCKolpur
3033-Cus/Seiz/CMN/2018DOtson, Chassis No.LL41-0005007 Engine Type: NTA, Model NTA as per corrigendum issued vide C.No.33-Cus/seiz/cmn/18/22579 dated 20.03.2019 Chassis No.LN41-0005007Chaman
3135-Cus/Seiz/Bln-Darakhshan/2019Toyota Indus Corolla Car (F/origin), Reg No. AZV-855 (Fake), Chassis No. AE100-3298914, Engine No. 5A-FE, H/p. 1498cc, Model. 1995 as per seat belt, Color Code. 040 (White)Darakshan
3292-Cus/Seiz/CP-Kolpur/2018Toyota Hilux Surf, Chassis No. LN130-7032057, Engine NO. NTA, Model 1993, 2446-CC, Colour MaroonKolpur
3371-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Mark X Chassis No.GRX120-0044423 Model 2005 Engine 4GR-FSE 2500 CCLakpass
3497-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Toyota X-Corolla Car, Reg No. AXV-791 (Fake), Chassis No. NZE121-3023514, Eng Code. 1NZFE, Model. 2000 as per web, Color. White 1500ccBaleli
35128-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2018Toyota X Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0124761 Engine 1ZZ-FE Model 2006Manikhawa
3696-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota X Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3029984 Model 2001 Engine 1NZ A-126024 1500 CCLakpass
3734-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Suzuki Kei Car, Chassis No. HN21S-634346, Engine No. 660cc, Model. 2000, Color. Dark GreenLakpass
38127-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2018Toyota Surf Chassis No.RZN185-9033286 Engine 3RZFE 2700 CC Model 2000Manikhawa
3945-Cus/Seiz/BLN-Darakshan/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0130956 Model 2006 Engine 1ZZFE 1800 CCDarakshan
4076-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Toyota premio Car, Reg Plate No. AZY-071 (Sindh) Fake, Chassis No. ZZT240-5044084, Engine Code. 1ZZFE, Model. 2005 as per Web, Color. Pearl White, 1794ccBaleli
41114-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Hino Truck (06-Wheeler) Chassis No.FD3HLA-33154 Model 1992Yaroo
4249-Cus/Seiz/NKI/2018Toyota Pickup S/Cabin (LHD), Chassis No. YN55-0003868, Engine No.2Y-0351680, Model 1984Noshki
4333-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.NCP13-0021250 Model 2001 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CCLakpass
44105-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota X Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0306197 Model 2004 Engine 1NZFEYaroo
45320-Cus/Seiz/S.Bagh/2019Toyota Probox Suceed Chassis No.NCP58-0033279 Model 2004Sheela Bagh
4625-Cus/Seiz/CMN/2018Hino Truck, Chassis NO. FD1JPE-10576, Engine No. NTA, Model 2001Chaman
4797-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2018Toyota Mark X, Chassis No. GRX130-6040658, Engine Type: 4GR-FSE, Model 2011, 2500-CC, Colour BlackSheela Bagh
4866-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota G Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3043122 Engine No.1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2001Lakpass
49101-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Suzuki Alto Car Chassis No.HA23S-708711 Model 2003 Engine K6A 660 CCBaleli
50165-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-5038300 Model 2005 Engine 1ZZFE 1800 CCBaleli
5109-Cus/Seiz/CMN/2018Trailer 14 Wheeler, alongwith 2 x Containers, Chassis No. 0688058, Engine Type: 32233Chaman
5279-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis no.SCP10-0468440 Model 2004 Engine 1SZFE 1000 CCLakpass
5357-Cus/Seiz/Manikhaw/2019Toyota Axio Car Chassis No.NZE141-6039263 Model 2007 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CCManikhawa
5499-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Hino Truck (06-Wheeler) Chassis No.GKJUH-10015 Engine No.HOBCTL-17224 Model 1998Yaroo
5543-Cus/Seiz/MS/2019Daihatsu Mira Chassis No.LA300S-0015592 Model 2012MTO
5683-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Suzuki Swift Car Chassis No.ZC72S-133065 Engine K12B Model 2011Manikhawa
5713- Cus/Seiz/(P)/CMC//2019Toyota Coaster, Chassis No.XZB50-0052601, Engine No.N04C, Model-2007 (4009cc)Chaman
5863-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-3350390 Model 2005 Engine 1NZ-FE 1500 CCManikhawa
5962-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE141-9093165 Model 2008 Engine 1NZ-FE 1500 CCManikhawa
6066-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-93355538 Model 2005 Engine 1NZ-FE 1500 CCManikhawa
6172-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Corolla Altis, Chassis No.MR053ZEE106126143, ENGINE No.3ZZ-FE, Model No.2008Lakpass
6203- Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2020Toyota Axio Car, Chassis No.NZE141-6062909, ENGINE No.1NZFE (1500 CC), Model 2007Chaman
6338-Cus/Seiz/CMN/2018Tractor with Trolley, Chassis No.1436-89, engine No.CE9706520610114KChaman
6467-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP13-0037472, Engine No.2SZFE, Model No.2004Manikhawa
6568-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car, Chassis No.NZE121-0286382, Engine No.1NZ-B-142399, Model 2004 (as per web)Manikhawa
6613-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Premio Car, Chassis No.ZZT240-0052728, Engine No. Nil, Model 2002Manikhawa
6778-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Hilux Surf, Chassis No.TRN215-0018085, Engine No.2TR-FE, Model 2007Lakpass
6842-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Prius Car Chassis No.ZVW30-1206755 Engine 2ZRFXE 1800 CC Model 2010Chaman
6991-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Mercedez Benz Car 02 Door Chassis No.041173 Engine 15486372 3975CC Model 1977Yaroo
7076-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Suzuki Alto Car Chassis No.HA25S-802202 Engine K6A Model 2011Yaroo
7144-Cus/Seiz/Darakshan-Bln/2019Toyota Corolla X Car Chassis No.NZE121-3382580 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2006Darakshan
72326-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2019Suzuki Kei Car Chassis no.HN22S-669488 Engine K6A Model 2005Chaman
73325-Cus/Seiz/Sheela Bagh/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0017069 Engine 2SZFE Model 2003Chaman
7427-Cus/Seiz/Darakshan-Bln/2019Toyota Corolla X Car Chassis No.NZE121-3377816 Model 2006Darakshan
7511- Cus/Seiz/MNK/2020Toyota Aqua Car Chassis No.NHP10-6030548 Engine No. Nil Model 2012Manikhawa
7695-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Toyota Mark X Chassis No.GRX130-6009736 Engine 4GR0633086 Model 2009 2500CCLakpass
7711-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Coaster Chassis No.XZB50-0052457 Engine N04C Model 2006Chaman
7802-Cus/Seiz(P)/CMN/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis no.KSP130-2075228 Engine 1KRFE Model 2013Chaman
79169-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Hino Truck 06-Wheeler Chassis No.FD1JKE-11941 Engine JO8CUG-12489 Model 2002Baleli
8008-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0136608 Engine 1ZZFE Model 2007Chaman
8106-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Alto Car Chassis No.HA35S-182756 Model 2014Manikhawa
8273-Cus/Seiz/Darakshan-Bln/2019Suzuki Jimny Chassis No.JB33W-113653 Engine G13B 1298 CC Model 1998Darakshan
8338-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Axio Fielder X Chassis No.NZE141-9082253 Engine 1NZFE 1500CC Model 2008Chaman
8439-Cus/Seiz/MS/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0143960 Model 2007Lakpass
8559-Cus/Seiz/Darakshan-Bln/2019Toyota Land Cruiser Chassis No.UZJ200-4016488 Model 2008Darakshan
8681-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Premio Car Chassis no.ZRT260-3004179 Engine A28303 Model 2007Manikhawa
8704-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Aqua Car Chassis No.NHP10-6042955 Model 2012Manikhawa
8875-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Hino Mazda Truck w/o body, Chassis No.WEL4T-407119, Model 1989Lakpass
8973-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Hino Mazda Truck w/o body, Chassis No.FD3HLA-18091, Model 1990Lakpass
9074-Cus/Seiz/Lakpass/2019Hino Mazda Truck w/o body, Chassis No.FD8JJF-10313, Model 2005Lakpass
9119-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP90-5176750 Model 2010Manikhawa
9287-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Prius Car Chassis No.ZVW30-1065825 Engine 2ZR-2541406 Model 2009Manikhawa
9321-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0138503 Model 2007Manikhawa
94127-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Toyota Aqua Car Chassis No.NHP10-2229551 Engine 6793661 1500 CC Model 2013Baleli
9559-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0034410 Engine 2SZFE Model 2004Chaman
9682-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019MR Wagon Chassis No.MF22S-220814 Engine K6A Model 2008Manikhawa
9713-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Coaster Chassis No.XZB50-0052601 Engine N04C Model 4000 CC 2007Chaman
9878-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2020Toyota Axio Car Chassis No.NZE121-6067104 Engine 1NZFE Model 2007Yaroo
9976-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0151729 Engine A-473275 Model 2002Manikhawa
10085-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0042741 Engine 92301 Model 2004Manikhawa
10190-Cus/Seiz/Manakahwa/2019Toyota Aqua Car Chassis no.NHP10-2163755 Engine 1NZ6614643 Model 2013Manikhawa
10209-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Axio Car Chassis No.NZE141-6015266 Model 2006Manikhawa
10354-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota X Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3321470 Engine 1NZ-B790810 Model 2005Manikhawa
10462-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Premio Car Chassis no.ZRT260-3023200 Engine 2ZRFE Model 2007Manikhawa
10597-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota Land Cruiser Prodo Chassis No.VZJ121-0008477 Engine 5VZFE 3400 CC Model 2003MTO
10603-Cus/Seiz/ ManikhawaToyota Axio Car Chassis No.NZE141-6008132 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2006Manikhawa
10779-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.KSP130-2031517 Engine 1264297 Model 2011Manikhawa
10878-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota G Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3154144 Model 2002Manikhawa
10970-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0170027 Engine 1NZ-2428747 Model 2002Manikhawa
11073-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota X Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3392419 Engine C301557 1500 CC Model 2006Manikhawa
11174-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota X Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0341903 Engine B-636236 Model 2005Manikhawa
11286-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2019Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.KSP90-2050700 Engine 1KR-FE Model 2008Manikhawa
11339-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3288874 Engine 1NZFE Model 2004Manikhawa
11435-Cus/Seiz/Manikhawa/2020Toyota Prius Car Chassis No.ZVW30-1031343 Engine 2ZR-FXE1797 Model 2009Manikhawa
11526-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2020Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3133142 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2002Chaman
11676-Cus/Seiz/CMC(P)/2019Toyota Probox Car Chassis No.NCP51-0105133 Model 2005Chaman
117188-Cus/Seiz/Bli/2019Hino Truck Chassis No.FD1JLE-10433 Model 2001Baleli
11812-Cus/Seiz/Yaroo/2019Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE141-9110737 Model 2009Yaroo

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