Motorola unveils two new flip phones: Razr+, Razr 40 Ultra

Motorola unveils two new flip phones: Razr+, Razr 40 Ultra

Motorola is proud to introduce the next generation of Razr, solidifying its position as one of the pioneering handheld devices that seamlessly combines fashion and technology.

The 2023 Motorola Razr family comprises two devices that offer a perfect blend of style and premium specifications, delivering an unparalleled mobile experience. Every aspect of this new family has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of contemporary consumers who seek a balanced smartphone experience that merges style-driven self-expression cutting-edge technology.

Motorola Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra: Unprecedented External Display

The flagship device in the family is the Motorola Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra, featuring a modern and ultra-portable design. When flipped closed, it boasts the title of the thinnest flippable smartphone in the industry, while also incorporating the powerful Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, an efficient battery, and the largest external display of any flip phone. The new Razr allows users to stand the device at multiple angles, thanks to Flex View technology, opening up novel ways to interact, capture, and create. Users can easily view recipes while cooking, follow online exercise coaches, video chat with friends, and more by angling the device. Alternatively, they can use it as a tripod for capturing stunning images and videos with hands-free recording. The high-quality cameras, AI face tracking, and previews on the large external display further enhance the photography experience.

Moreover, the new Razr enables users to frame the perfect shot and capture the ideal pose using gesture capture and auto-smile capture. Motorola is also introducing a unique photo booth feature that allows users to showcase different poses in four precisely timed pictures, triggered by a simple open palm gesture. This feature eliminates the need for rushing against the timer, providing users with confidence in capturing great artistic shots.

The device offers enhanced capabilities on the external display even when flipped closed. Users can respond to messages, get directions, and stay up-to-date effortlessly through unique features like Panels. Custom panels enable users to prioritize their most important tasks and easily access games, Google News, weather, contacts, Spotify, and notifications with a simple swipe. Additionally, an Apps panel grants direct access to a wide range of applications, such as Google Maps and Google Wallet, right from the external display. Users can also enjoy customization options, including colorful live wallpaper designs and Moto clock styles. They have the freedom to arrange and personalize the panels on their home screen according to their unique preferences.

Versatile Camera System for Unleashing Creativity

The Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra is designed with content creators in mind, featuring a powerful 12MP main camera sensor with Instant Dual Pixel PDAF technology for faster and more accurate performance in any lighting conditions. The wide f/1.5 aperture allows for beautiful soft focus backgrounds, while optical image stabilization (OIS) ensures crystal-clear photos free from unwanted shakes. The external display enables users to utilize the main camera for selfies or provide friends with a preview of their poses, ensuring everyone is satisfied with the final picture. Additionally, users can open the Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra and use the 32MP camera for selfies and video calls, or fold the phone to achieve the ideal view for the perfect hands-free selfie. The camera system is further complemented by a 13MP ultrawide + macro vision lens, offering wide-angle shots that fit 3X more into the compared to standard lenses.

Reimagined Iconic Flip Design

The Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra boasts a modern, infinitely flexible design that combines nostalgia with contemporary elegance. When flipped closed, the phone folds completely in half, resulting in a gapless and ultra-sleek appearance. Opening the device reveals a stunning full-sized pOLED display that smoothly transitions into view whenever required. Motorola has introduced a redesigned teardrop hinge with dual-axis tracking, making it the thinnest foldable smartphone when flipped closed. The combination of this hinge system with Ultra Thin Glass results in a nearly creaseless display when unfolded, delivering a seamless look and a luxurious feel.

The iconic design of the Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra features a glass frame with a matte finish or premium vegan leather on the back cover. Motorola offers bold color options, including the exclusive Pantone® Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta, as well as Infinite Black and Glacier Blue. Viva Magenta pays homage to the roots of Razr while incorporating a modern twist.

Enhanced Audio and Powerful Performance

The Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra provides an exceptional audio experience with Dolby Atmos®, enriching entertainment with multidimensional audio that offers more depth, clarity, and detail. The device is equipped with two large stereo speakers and supports headphones for an immersive sound experience. Additionally, Spatial Sound by Moto further enhances the audio, creating an immersive environment whether users are listening to music or watching movies.

To power these audio capabilities, the Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra features the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which fuels the device’s unique features while enabling advanced AI, fast refresh rates, 5G connectivity, and professional-quality cameras. The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery larger than the previous generation, supporting ultra-fast 30W TurboPower charging and wireless charging.

Motorola Razr/Razr 40: Embracing Individuality

Motorola understands the desire for a balanced smartphone experience, which is why it is introducing the Motorola Razr/Razr 40. This device caters to trendsetters, tastemakers, and digital minimalists who seek to stand out in a crowd or reclaim control over their digital lives. The Razr/Razr 40 features the same smooth and vivid internal display, teardrop hinge, and iconic form factor as the Razr+/Razr 40 Ultra. The noticeable difference lies in the smaller external display, while still offering all the high-end features expected from a smartphone.

The Razr/Razr 40 boasts a distinctive and stylish appearance, combining Gorilla Glass with premium vegan leather. It offers a soft touch, excellent grip, and trendy colors selected in partnership with Pantone, such as Sage Green, Vanilla Cream, and Summer Lilac.

Motorola’s Unique Software Experience

Both new Razr devices run on Android 13 and come with unique Motorola experiences. These include simple gestures, custom entertainment settings, and the ability to personalize the device according to each user’s style. The devices also offer an extensive suite of security features, including ThinkShield, Moto Secure, and Moto KeySafe.


In the United States, the new Motorola Razr+ 2023 will be available for pre-order on and through select carriers and retailers starting June 16. It will be on sale at AT&T, T-Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Google Fi Wireless, and Optimum Mobile, as well as universally unlocked at Best Buy,, and from June 23, with an MSRP of $999.99.

In Canada, the new Motorola Razr+ 2023 will be available for pre-order through from June 16, with an MSRP of $1,299.99. Starting June 23, it will be on sale at and through select carriers and national retailers.

The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is currently available for sale in Europe, starting at a price of €1,199.99. It will gradually roll out to selected markets in Latin America and Asia in the coming weeks. For local price information and availability, please contact your local PR team.

The new Motorola Razr will be available in North America in the coming months.

The Motorola Razr 40 will gradually roll out to selected markets across Europe, Latin America, and Asia. For local price information and availability, please contact your local PR team.

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