Nissan set to electrify Auto Shanghai with global debut of Max-Out concept car

Nissan set to electrify Auto Shanghai with global debut of Max-Out concept car

Nissan Motor Corporation gears up to unveil its highly anticipated Max-Out all-electric convertible concept at Auto Shanghai 2023 on April 18, marking its debut in China. With cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the all-electric vehicle is set to revolutionize the automotive industry and take the world by storm.

Nissan will also showcase a diverse range of new and future products that promise to exceed expectations. In addition, two other concepts will make their global debut, designed specifically to cater to the mobility needs of consumers in China.

At Auto Shanghai 2023, Nissan is set to showcase not just the Max-Out all-electric convertible concept, but also a new EV concept model that has been designed specifically for the Chinese market and will be manufactured there.

These two vehicles promise to deliver an exhilarating and confident driving experience, tailor-made to meet the diverse lifestyles and needs of customers in China, while also supporting Nissan’s global plans.

Nissan’s Max-Out all-electric convertible concept, first unveiled as a digital concept in 2021 as part of Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision, is now a physical reality and set to wow visitors at Auto Shanghai 2023. The car promises to provide a unique driving experience, with exceptional stability and comfort.

The Japanese automaker will also showcase a range of electrified vehicles featuring all-electric and e-POWER powertrains, reflecting its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. As part of its display at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, Nissan will focus on electrification on the first day of the event, followed by highlighting its SUV offerings and unveiling a third concept car on the second day. With these exciting showcases, Nissan is poised to make a big impact at the event and demonstrate its forward-looking approach to the automotive industry.

The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition is scheduled to take place from April 18-27 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. It is set to be an exciting event for car enthusiasts and industry experts alike. Nissan’s display at the event will be particularly noteworthy, with the first day dedicated to showcasing the company’s electrification efforts. On the second day, Nissan will shift the focus to its SUV lineup and also unveil a third concept car.

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