Pakistan Customs announces auction of huge lot of motor vehicles on Jan 14

Pakistan Customs announces auction of huge lot of motor vehicles on Jan 14

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Customs has announced auction of huge lot of seized motor vehicles on January 14, 2021 at Customs House Airport road, Quetta.

Following is the list of motor vehicles that would be presented for the auction:

S.No.DescriptionParked At
1Toyota Mark X, Chassis No. GRX120-0037293, Engine Type: 4GR-FSE, Model 2005, 2500-CC, Colour WhiteSheela Bagh
2Nissan X Trail Jeep, Chassis No. NT30-020555, Model 2001, Colour WhiteManikhawa
3Nissan X Trail Jeep Chassis No. NT30-077946, Engine No. QR20(DE), 1998-CC, Model 2003, Colour GoldenLakpass
4BMW Car, Chassis No. WBADD42090BV14330, Engine Type: M52 Model 1997, Colour BlackLakpass
5Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140TJ-0512674 Engine Z24-779543ZLakpass
6Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140TH-0465983 Engine Z24-730256ZLakpass
7Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140TH-0464989 Engine Z24-729303ZLakpass
8Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140BT-0506537 Engine Z24-771612ZLakpass
9Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140TH-0466790 Engine Z24-730951ZLakpass
10Toyota Probox DX, Chassis No. NCP51-009164, Model 2003, Colour WhiteManikhawa
11Nissan Car (Automatic), Chassis No. QG10-011435, Engine NO. DG18-347228, Model 2000Sheela Bagh
12Kawasaki Motorcycle, Chassis No. 8945A-1, Engine No. ZRT00DEO14545, Model 2007, HP 1000-CC Colour BlackFC
13DX Corolla Binjo Chassis NO. CE107-0006474, Engine NO. NTA, Model 2000 Colour SilverManikhawa
14Toyota Litace, Chassis No. CM30-0012463, Engine No. 2CT-080945, Model 1987Lakpass
15Car Saracha (RHD), Chassis No. AE100-0197878, Engine No. SHC194187, Model 1996 Colour TrimDalbandin
16Saracha Car, Chassis No. GT196-0005336, Engine Type: NTAChaman
17Toyota Pickup Single Cabin (LHD) Chassis No.YN57-0020059 Model 1984Taftan
18Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0139308 Engine Type 1ZZFE 1797 CC Model 2007Baleli
19Toyota Probox Car, Reg No. AZA-229 (FAKE), Chassis No. NCP58-0035251, Eng No. 1RZ8358229, Model. 2004 as per seat belt, Color. Silver, H/p. 1500cc as per trim plateYaroo
20Toyota Altis Chassis No.MRO53ZEE106113129 Model 2008 Engine No. 3ZZFE 1600 CCLakpass
21Toyota Mark X, Chassis NO. GRX120-0003526, Engine NO. NTA, Model 2004, Colour White, 2500-CCKolpur
22Toyota Mark X Chassis No.GRX120-0044423 Model 2005 Engine 4GR-FSE 2500 CCLakpass
23Toyota Pickup S/Cabin (LHD), Chassis No. YN55-0003868, Engine No.2Y-0351680, Model 1984Noshki
24Toyota Mark X, Chassis No. GRX130-6040658, Engine Type: 4GR-FSE, Model 2011, 2500-CC, Colour BlackSheela Bagh
25Suzuki Alto Car Chassis No.HA23S-708711 Model 2003 Engine K6A 660 CCBaleli
26Trailer 14 Wheeler, alongwith 2 x Containers, Chassis No. 0688058, Engine Type: 32233Chaman
27Toyota Corolla Altis, Chassis No.MR053ZEE106126143, ENGINE No.3ZZ-FE, Model No.2008Lakpass
28Toyota Premio Car, Chassis No.ZZT240-0052728, Engine No. Nil, Model 2002Manikhawa
29Toyota Hilux Surf, Chassis No.TRN215-0018085, Engine No.2TR-FE, Model 2007Lakpass
30Mercedez Benz Car 02 Door Chassis No.041173 Engine 15486372 3975CC Model 1977Yaroo
31Toyota Land Cruiser Chassis No.UZJ200-4016488 Model 2008Darakshan
32Toyota Prius Car Chassis No.ZVW30-1065825 Engine 2ZR-2541406 Model 2009Manikhawa
33Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.KSP90-5118205 Engine 1KRFE 1000 CC Model 2008FC Qilla Muslim Bagh
34Toyota Probox Car Chassis No.NCP51-0027271 Engine A735421 Model 2003Rakhni
35Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0211059 Engine 2653235 Model 2003FC 139 Wing Mekhtar
36Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0020468 Engine 2SZFE 1300 CC Model 2002Manikhawa
37Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.ZZE122-0161681 Model 2004Lakpass
38Toyota Land Criuser Prado (03-Doors) Chassis No.VZJ90-0003895 Engine 5VZFE 3400 CC Model 1998Lakpass
39Toyota Passo Car Chassis No.KGC10-0001215 Engine 1KRFE 996 CC model 2004Yaroo
40Toyota Surf Chassis No.VZN215-0002124 Model 2002Preventive Saryab
41Toyota Hilux Surf Chassis No.RZN215-0005494 Engine 3RZFE Model 2003Chaman
42Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3201930 Engine A-814419 Model 2003Manikhawa
43Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.NCP10-0171543 Engine 2NZFE 1300 CC Model 2002FC Qilla Chaman
44Suzuki carry pickup Chassis No.DC51T-405455 Model 1995Yaroo
45Toyota Probox Car Chassis No.NCP51-0136114 Model 2006Rakhni
46Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TZ Chassis No.GRJ151-0001901 4000 CC Model 2010Lakpass
47Motorcycle BMW GS650 Chassis No.WB10218029ZT33715 Model 2008Lakpass
48Toyota Probox Car Chassis No.NLP51-0002178 Engine 1NDTV Model 2002Baleli
49Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0263427 Engine FEC-013761 Model 2003Manikhawa
50Toyota Succeed RHD Car Chassis No.NCP51-0070762 Engine 1NZFE Model 2004Noshki
51Toyota Succeed RHD Car Chassis No.NCP51-0070243 Engine 1NZFE Model 2004Noshki
52Toyota Succeed RHD Car Chassis No.NCP58-0041261 Engine 1NZFE Model 2005Noshki
53Toyota Probox RHD Chassis No.NCP51-0051331 Engine 1NZFE Model 2003Noshki
54Toyota Corolla Axio Car Chassis No.NZE141-6016512 Engine 1NZFE Model 2007Manikhawa
55Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP90-5152945 Engine 2SZFE Model 2010Manikhawa
56Toyota Passo Car Chassis No.KGC30-0041958 Engine 1KRFE Model 2010Manikhawa
57Toyota Fielder X Car Chassis No.NZE121-0299371 Engine 1NZB-234993 Model 2004Manikhawa
58Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3211944 Engine 1NA8565 Model 2003Manikhawa
59Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3215083 Engine 1NZA870887 Model 2003Manikhawa
60Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP90-5165408 Engine 2SZFE Model 2010Manikhawa
61Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0012428 Engine 2SZFE Model 2003Manikhawa
62Suzuki Swift Car Chassis No.ZC72S-113698 Engine K12B Model 2010Manikhawa
63Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0003605 Engine 2SZFE Model 2003Manikhawa
64Toyota Yaris Vitz Car Chassis No.NCP90-2067396 Engine 2NZFE Model 2008Manikhawa
65Toyota Probox Car Chassis No.NCP51-0208458 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2008FC Qilla Muslim Bagh
66Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP10-0366252 Model 2002Baleli
67Toyota Passo Car Chassis No.KGC30-0022329 Model 2010FC Qilla Chaman
68Dodge Caliber Chassis No.IB3C34HAIAD583828 Model NILLakpass
69Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0039838 Model 2004Manikhawa
70Suzuki Jimny Chassis No.JB33W-116173 Engine M13A-1099828 Model 2000Manikhawa
71Toyota Crown Majesta Car Chassis No.GRS128-1006069 Engine 3GR-FSE Model 2005Manikhawa
72Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP90-5087763 Engine 2SZFE Model 2008Manikhawa
73Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT260-3074250 Engine 2ZRFAE Model 2010Lakpass
74Suzuki Alto Car Chassis No.HA24V-114673 Model 2007NLC
75Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0133141 Engine 1ZZFE Model 2006HQ
76Toyota Land Cruiser (Cygnus) Chassis No.UZJ100-0155727 Engine 2UZFE 4663 CC Model 2005Lakpass
77Toyota Corolla Car Chassis No.JTDBT-22E400390525 Engine 1NZFE Model 2006Lakpass
78Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0345605 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2005FC Qilla Chaman
79Toyota Corolla Altis Car Chassis No.JTDBT-22E203318012 Engine 1NZFE 1500 CC Model 2005Lakpass
80Toyota Haice Van Chassis No.TRH112-0014389 Engine 1TRFE 2000 CC Model 2004Yaroo
81Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0049563 Engine 2SZFE 1300 CC Model 2004Lakpass
82Titan Mazda Chassis No.WELAT-428298 Engine 261582 Model 1989Manikhawa
83Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT260-3028690 Engine 2ZRFE Model 2007FC Qilla Chaman
84Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3191191 Model 2003Manikhawa
85toyota Aqua Car Chassis No.NHP10-6359116 Engine 1NZFXE Model 2014Manikhawa
86Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0037723 Engine 2SZFE Model 2004Lakpass
87Hino Truck Chassis No.FG1HMA-10170 Model 1991Yaroo
88Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0039186 Engine 2SZFE Model 2004Manikhawa
89Toyota Vitz Car Chassis No.SCP13-0044387 Engine 2SZFE Model 2004Manikhawa
90Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE141-9039348 Engine 1NZ-0608003 Model 2007Manikhawa
91Hino Dumper 10 Wheeler Chassis No.GN1FMB-10114 Model 1993Baleli
92Toyota Succeed Car Chassis No.NCP51-0028587 Engine1NZFE Model 2003Darakshan
93Toyota Corolla X Car Chassis No.NZE121-3315463 Engine 1NZFE Model 2005FC Qilla Chaman
94Toyota Aqua Car Chassis No.NHP10-2063669 Engine 1NZFXE Model 2012Yaroo
95Toyota Hilux Surf Chassis No.VZN215-0004073 Engine 5VZFE 3400 CC Model 2003Chaman
96Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZZT240-0055101 Engine 1NNFE Model 2002Lakpass
97Toyota Hilux D/Cabin Pickup Chassis No.MROFZ22G601174138 Engine 1KDFTV Model 2010Yaroo
98Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-3374852 Engine 1NZFE Model 2006Lakpass
99Toyota Succeed Car Chassis No.NCP51-0084757 Engine1NZFE Model 2004Darakshan
100Toyota Coaster Chassis no.XZB50-0051400 Engine N04C Model 2005FC Qilla Chaman
101Toyota Coaster Chassis no.JTGEG-538300001730 Engine N04C Model 2006FC Qilla Chaman
102Toyota Coaster Chassis no.JTGEG-538500001616 Engine N04C Model 2005FC Qilla Chaman
103Toyota Fielder Car Chassis No.NZE121-0213471 Engine 1NZ-A336028 Model 2003Manikhawa
104Zamyad Pickup S/Cabin Chassis No.NAZPL140BJ0507900 Engine 773324Z Model 1988Dalbandin
105Zamyad Pickup S/Cabin Chassis No.NAZPL140TH0467274 Engine Z24731654Z Model 1987Dalbandin
106Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT260-3080511 Model 2011Lakpass
107Roll Royce Car Chassis No.SCAZS0000BCH02073 Model 1981Lakpass
108Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT260-3023901 Model 2007Lakpass
109Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid Chassis No.NKE165-7078958 Model 2014Lakpass
110Zamyad Pickup Chassis No.NAZPL140-TH0467786 Engine Z24732472Z Model NTADarakshan
111Toyota X Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3154208 Engine 1NZFE Model 2002NLC
112Toyota Corolla Altas GLI Car Chassis No. NZE140-2069619, Engine No.2NZFE (1300CC), Model 2010Lakpass
113Toyota Corolla Altas Car Chassis No. JTDBT22EX03080071, Engine No.1NZFE (1500CC), Model 2001Chaman
114Toyota Land Cruiser Prodo Chassis No.VZJ121-0008477 Engine 5VZFE 3400 CC Model 2003MTO
115Toyota Hilux D/Cabin Chassis No.7A433LN8508503149 Engine 2L-9209571 Model 1996Manikhawa
116Toyota Hilux D/Cabin Chassis No.7A433LN8508502128 Engine 3128616 Model 1995Manikhawa
117Toyota Probox Car (without passanger Seat), Chassis No. NCP58-0017955, Engine No.C-932045 (1496CC), Model 2002Rakhni
118Toyota Hiace Van, Chassis No.LH110-0001038, Engine No. 3L-3855678, Model 1991 Color WhiteRakhni
119Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP51-0054967, Engine No.1NZFE, Model.2004 (1500cc)Lakpass
120Toyota Hilux Surf Pickup S/Cabin, Chassis No.MR031-UNE905010930, Engine No.3ZRFE (2700CC), Model 2003FC Qilla Chaman
121Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP13-0041811, Engine No. Not traceable Model 2004Lakpass
122Toyota Corolla G Car Chassis No.NZE121-3356046 Engine 1NZFE Model 2006NLC
123Suzuki Alto Car, Chassis No. HA36S-233223, Engine No.R06A (660CC) Model 2015Dalbandin
124Toyota Fielder Car, Chassis No. NZE121-3350876, Engine No.1NZFE (1500CC) Model 2006Yaroo
125Toyota Corolla G Car, Chassis No. NZE121-3202016, Engine No.1NZFE (1500CC) Model 2003Manikhawa
126Toyota Fielder Car, Chassis No. NZE121-0250468, Engine No.1NZFE (1500CC) Model 2003Yaroo
127Suzuki Alto Car, Chassis No.HA25S-789180, Engine No.K6A (660CC) Model 2011Chaman
128Toyota Raum Car, Chassis No.NCZ20-0076832, Engine No.1NZFE (1500CC) Model 2005Yaroo
129Daihatsu Mira, Chassis No. LA300S-1133910, Engine No.N/A (658CC), Model 2012Chaman
130Toyota Corolla Luxel, Chassis No.ZZE122-3009359, Engine No.1ZZ-FE, Model 2001 Pearl WhiteManikhawa
131Toyota Prius Car, Chassis No. NHW20-0006543, Engine No.1NZ-FXE, Model 2003Manikhawa
132Toyota Corolla Car, Chassis No. NZE121-0193194, Engine No.1NZ-FE, Model 2002Yaroo
133Toyota X Corolla Car, Chassis No. NZE121-3365297, Engine No.1NZ-FE (1500CC), Model 2006Manikhawa
134Toyota X Corolla Car Chassis No.NZE121-3388220 Model 2006Lakpass
135Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT260-3037869 Model 2008Lakpass
136Nissan Fairlady Z Car, Chassis No.Z33-003723, Engine No.VQ35(DE) Model 2002Chaman
137Toyota Aqua Car, Chassis No.NHP10-2076365, Engine No.1NZFXE (1500cc) Model 2012Manikhawa
138Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP90-2075010, Engine No.2SZFE (1300cc) Model 2009Manikhawa
139Toyota Corolla X Car, Chassis No.NZE121-3236952, Engine No.A-410661 (1500cc) Model 2003Manikhawa
140Daihatsu Mira, Chassis No. LA300A-1024611, Engine No.KF-VE4 (658CC), Model 2014Lakpass
141Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.NSP130-2143524, Engine No.2NR-FE (1300cc) Model 2013Manikhawa
142Toyota Probox Car, Chassis No.NCP51-0086082, Engine No.N/A (1500cc) Model 2004Lakpass
143Toyota S/Cabin, Chassis No.LN56-0081490, Engine No.2L (2400cc), Model 1986FC Qilla Chaman
144Toyota Aqua Car, Chassis No.NHP10-2155250, Engine No.1NZ-FXE (1500cc), Model 2013Darakshan
145Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.NSP130-2094768, Engine No.1NRFE (1300cc), Model 2012NLC
146Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP13-0002728, Engine No.2SZFE (1300cc), Model 2003Lakpass
147Toyota Dyna Mazda, Chassis No.LY211-0012204, Engine No.2L , Model 1996Manikhawa
148Toyota Axio X Car, Chassis No.NZE141-6001521, Engine No.1NZ-FE, Model 2006Mobile Squad
149Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No. SCP90-5159655, Engine No.2SZ-FE, Model 2010Mobile Squad
150Toyota Hilux Pickup, Chassis No.MR033LNE709000400, Engine No.5L (3000cc), Model.2000Chaman
151Honda Civic, Chassis No.FD3-1002416, Engine No.DAA-FD3 (1800CC), Model 2008Chaman
152Lexus Sports Plus LX-570 Chassis No.URZ201-4194167 Model 2015HQ
153Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP90-5091576, Engine No.2SZ-FE, Model 2008 (1300cc)Manikhawa
154Toyota Vitz Car Chassis no.NCP10-0185065 Model 2002Baleli
155Toyota Axio Car, Chassis No.NZE141-6036324, Engine No.1NZ-FE, Model 2007 (1500cc)Chaman
156Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP90-2073258, Engine No.2NZ-FE, Model 2008 (1300cc)Manikhawa
157Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.ZRT260-3010004, Engine No.2ZR-FE, Model 2007 (1800cc)Lakpass
158Zamyad Pickup, Chassis No.NAZPL140TKS-0519146, Engine No.Z24170400-ZSurab
159Zamyad Pickup, Chassis No.NAZPL140TH-0468824, Engine No.Z24734190-ZSurab
160Suzuki Alto Car,Chassis No.HA35S-208943, Engine No.R06A, Model 2014Dalbandin
161Toyota Prius Car (Hybrid) Chassis No.ZVW30-1459932, Model 2011Lakpass
162Toyota Prius Car (Hybrid) Chassis No.ZVW30-5120416, Model 2009Lakpass
163Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP13-0041811, Model 2004 (1300cc)Mobile Squad
164Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Car, Chassis No.VZJ121-0002271, Model 2002 (3400cc)Lakpass
165Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No.SCP90-5175001, Engine No.2SZ-FE Model 2010 (1300cc),Chaman
166Toyota Surf Chassis No.VZN215-0003375 Engine 5E2-FE 3400 CC Model 2003MTO
167Toyota Premio Car, Chassis No.ZRT240-3015122, Engine No. 2ZR-FE (1800cc), Model 2007Lakpass
168Toyota Premio Car Chassis No.ZRT261-3015722 Engine 3ZRFAE 1986 CC Model 2010FC Qilla Chaman
169Toyota Prius Car Chassis No.ZVW30-1041801 Engine No.2ZR-FXE (1800 CC) Model 2009Lakpass
170Toyota Pickup Single Cabin, Chassis No.LN41-0005970, Engine No.2L2384, Model 1988Chaman
171Honda Civic Car, Chassis No. FD3-1005692, Eng Code: LDA HP: 1500cc, Model: 2006, Color: WhiteMobile Squad
172Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No. SCP90-2049660, Engine No.2SZFE (1300cc) Model 2008Yaroo
173Honda Civic Car, Chassis No. JHMFD16309S200195, Model: 2009Baleli
174Toyota Vitz Car, Chassis No. KSP90-5066751, Engine No.1KR-FE (1000cc) Model 2006Manikhawa
175Suzuki Swift Car Chassis No.ZC71S-416635, Model 2007Manikhawa
176Toyota Premio Car, Chassis No.ZRT260-3023853, Engine No.2ZR-FE, Model 2007Mobile Squad
177Toyota Prado (Accidented) Chassis No.VZJ121-0008506 Model 2003Police Bhosa Mandi
178Suzuki Swift Reg No. QAY-677, Chassis No. ZC71S-423095, Model: 2007, Color: WhiteManikhawa

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