Pakistan Team Arrive in Cambodia for FIFA WC 2026 Qualifiers

Pakistan Team Arrive in Cambodia for FIFA WC 2026 Qualifiers

The Pakistan national football team has touched down in Cambodia, gearing up to face the host nation on October 12 as a crucial part of their journey in the FIFA World Cup (WC) 2026 qualifiers.

These green-clad athletes will go head to head with Cambodia in a two-leg World Cup qualifier, with the first leg taking place on October 12 away from home, and the return leg scheduled for October 17 at Jinnah Stadium in Pakistan’s own territory.

After a well-deserved period of rest, the national squad will dive into rigorous training sessions, fine-tuning their skills and strategies for the upcoming showdown.

The Pakistan squad boasts an impressive lineup, featuring top-notch players in various positions:


Usman Ali

Salman ul Haq

Yousaf Butt


Mamoon Moosa Khan


Sohail Khan

Juniad Shah

Ali Khan Niazi

Rao Umar Hayat

Abdullah Iqbal

Easah Suliman


Alamgir Ghazi

Ali Uzair

Rajab Ali


Harun Hamid

Rahis Nabi


Waleed Khan

Mohammad Waheed


Fareed Khan

Abdul Samad

Otis Khan

Moin Ahmed

Shayak Dost

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