Pakistani Football Star Maria Khan Joins Saudi’s Eastern Flames

Pakistani Football Star Maria Khan Joins Saudi’s Eastern Flames

Maria Khan, the standout star of Pakistan’s women’s football team, has embarked on an exciting new chapter in her journey by joining Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Eastern Flames Football Club.

This remarkable move has sparked waves of anticipation across the global football community, as Maria Khan steps in as the first international female professional to amplify the strength of Saudi Arabia’s national women’s squad in the much-awaited Saudi Women’s Premier League this season.

Hailing from the United States while proudly representing Pakistan, the 31-year-old athlete has showcased her exceptional prowess on the pitch.

Her remarkable leadership earned her the captaincy of Pakistan’s national women’s team last year, leading her squad to an impressive performance at the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Women’s Football Championship held in Nepal.

With resounding applause, Eastern Flames FC, also known as Shala Al-Sharqiya, proudly announces, “We are thrilled to welcome Maria Khan to the Eastern Flames FC family. Securing this transformative deal underscores our commitment to introduce the unmatched skills of the first foreign female professional, reinforcing Saudi Arabia’s women’s football team in the exhilarating Women’s Premier League this season.”

Founded in 2006, the historic Eastern Flames FC stands as Saudi Arabia’s premier women’s football team. Their consecutive championship victories in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province in 2020 and 2021 stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication and excellence on the field.

Earlier this year, under the remarkable guidance of Maria Khan, Pakistan’s women’s team embarked on an exciting journey to Saudi Arabia, engaging in a gripping four-nation tournament featuring Comoros and Mauritius.

While securing the second-place position in the tournament, Maria Khan’s unforgettable free-kick equalizer against Saudi Arabia garnered widespread admiration on social media, leaving fans astounded by her skill and determination.

As Maria Khan proudly dons the Eastern Flames FC jersey, her dynamic presence pledges to reshape the panorama of women’s football in the Middle East. Her journey becomes an inspiration to a new wave of aspiring athletes, simultaneously shattering barriers and setting new standards of achievement.

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