PCB Fines Players for Code of Conduct Breach Incident

PCB Fines Players for Code of Conduct Breach Incident

Ayesha Amjad and Najiha Alvi, teammates from Women University (LCWU), have been fined by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) following a breach of the Code of Conduct during the PCB Women’s Cricket University Tournament held between 28th May and 3rd June.

The incident in question, which occurred in the dressing room during the tournament, prompted PCB’s attention. Subsequently, a specialized five-member committee, consisting of members from the organizing committee, was formed to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The committee conducted interviews with the involved players and meticulously examined the details surrounding the breach.

Both players, Ayesha Amjad and Najiha Alvi, were found guilty as per the findings of the committee. As a result, they have been sanctioned under PCB’s disciplinary measures, which aim to uphold the integrity and professionalism expected in cricket tournaments under its purview.

The PCB Women’s Cricket University Tournament serves as a crucial platform for young female cricketers to showcase their talents and represent their respective institutions.

Instances of misconduct such as this are taken seriously by the board to ensure fair play and maintain the high standards of sportsmanship within the game.

Ayesha Amjad and Najiha Alvi, recognized talents in their university’s cricketing circles, have been reminded of the responsibilities that come with representing their team and institution on such competitive stages.

The fines imposed by PCB underscore the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct, which governs behavior both on and off the field.

PCB remains committed to promoting a positive and respectful environment for all participants in its tournaments, encouraging a culture of fairness and mutual respect.

The organization continues to monitor and enforce its regulations rigorously to safeguard the spirit of cricket and the values it upholds.

The penalties imposed on Ayesha Amjad and Najiha Alvi serve as a reminder to all participants in cricketing events under PCB’s oversight to uphold the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship.

As the tournament progresses, PCB emphasizes the importance of maintaining discipline and respect among players, ensuring that such incidents do not overshadow the spirit of competitive cricket.