Petroleum prices kept unchanged for next fortnight

Petroleum prices kept unchanged for next fortnight

ISLAMABAD: The government on Monday decided to keep prices of petroleum products unchanged at the level of November 05, 2021, for the next fortnight.

The prices will remain unchanged from November 16, 2021, till the end of the month: Petrol Rs145.82 per liter; High-Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs142.62 per liter; Kerosene Oil Rs116.53 per liter; and Light Diesel Oil Rs114.07 per liter.

A statement issued by the Finance Division said that despite rising petroleum products prices globally, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has kindly rejected the proposal for enhancement in the prices and desired that the prices of petroleum products from November 16, 2021, shall remain the same as notified on November 04, 2021, for providing maximum relief to the general public.

The decision has been taken in the public interest. The government will bear the burden by making adjustments in the sales tax rates, etc.

Muzzammil Aslam, spokesman to the finance minister in a Tweet said: “History has been made today. In today’s petrol prices the Sales Tax is effective zero per cent.”

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