PM Sharif raises voice against prevailing ‘law of jungle’

PM Sharif raises voice against prevailing ‘law of jungle’

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged parliamentarians to decide if they wanted to uphold the rule of law or continue with the prevailing ‘law of the jungle’ in the country.

He highlighted that the fight was between democracy and fascism and it was crucial for the parliament to legislate on matters concerning the country.

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Sharif emphasized that the 1973 Constitution had defined the ambits of state institutions and set a red line about their functioning, but today, this Constitution was facing a joke, and the country was suffering from a serious situation.

The prime minister raised the issue of Imran Khan, who was enjoying immunity from the rule of law despite his persistent blackmailing and abuse of the judiciary. He pointed out that Khan was still getting extensions in bail, whereas the senior leadership of Sharif’s party faced imprisonment for fake cases registered against them without any leniency extended to them.

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Sharif questioned if the country wanted to give relief to the nation or to the ‘favoured one’ who does not abide by the law.

Sharif emphasized that the three pillars of the State, including legislature, judiciary, and executive, had to play their due role; otherwise, there would only be regrets left. He called for taking guidance from law and the constitution to decide for the future of the nation. Sharif felicitated the nation on 50 years of the formulation of the 1973 Constitution and called it a binding force among all federating units of the country.

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The prime minister lambasted Imran Khan’s tenure, which pushed the country to the brink of economic default, leading to a serious economic crisis with an increase of foreign debt up to 70 and inflation. Sharif mentioned that Imran Khan’s violation of pledges with the International Monetary Fund deceived the public through his so-called ‘regime change’ narrative. He regretted that Khan was openly criticizing the brave armed forces, which was making the enemies of the country happy.

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Sharif requested the House to take urgent notice of the situation that Imran Niazi had created in the country, and the parliament needs to take solid action; otherwise, history would not spare them. He stated that the country was facing a difficult situation even after 70 years of its establishment, and only the rule of law could help address the constitutional and political crisis.

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